Try This! Amy’s Leather Lane

Amy Yockel of Amy’s Leather Lane is a kind-hearted individual who puts every bit of her heart & soul in the accessories she handcrafts for her buyers. “Accessories for the free spirited woman with an inner cowgirl,” these products are beautifully elegant with a rustic twist and I feel honored to share them with all of you.

What originally drew me to Amy’s products were the boho-chic vibe they exuded, but when she sent my package last week, I realized the unique detail and craftsmanship that sets her jewelry apart.

Amy says that creativity is her passion and she’s happiest when she’s busy making things and losing track of time. You’ll see a theme of turquoise and blue laced through her Etsy shop, with products that not only pair well with one another, but just about any outfit.

Photography by: Kyle Woodworth

Here’s where you come in: It’s that time of year again – wedding planning season. As most of you know, I work for a Nashville-based wedding planner, so I’m just as excited as you are for those fast-approaching Saturday’s when weddings begin taking place.

If you’re planning yours right now, you may be searching Pinterest high and low for the perfect way to ask your oldest, newest and best friends to be a part of your special day, but it’s time to stop pinning to boards and simply share this post on Facebook mentioning @Livewell’s Latest and @Amy’s Leather Lane for a chance to win a custom “will you be my bridesmaid?” pendant (the first release of Amy’s new bridesmaid collection) and/or a beautiful bracelet. Not only will this be an adorable way to “pop the question,” but you can also incorporate it into the aesthetic of your big day (or any day, for that matter). We’ll pick two winners by April 5th!

I love these pendants because they’re lightweight, have a re-enforced clasp, and run the same length so they’ll look super uniform if your bridesmaids wear them all at once. Amy has found a way to incorporate a sleek design with naturalistic elements to make something beautifully original.


To touch on the simplistic, but brilliant bracelet design, it has some of the same great features as the pendant to make it super wearable and versatile. It can easily be resized to fit any wrist (I literally have wrists the size of a five-year-old so it was amazing that I could just squeeze this until it hung the way I wanted it to), it’s still lightweight and doesn’t get in the way like some bracelets tend to do when you’re typing or driving. I love how it elegantly adds a pop of color to any outfit.

Amy’s Leather Lane is not only a company with beautiful products, but should serve as inspiration to small businesses looking to find their niche. Amy herself is confident in her products and brand and that in itself, makes you feel confident wearing it. I’m beyond excited to see where her business goes from here and can’t wait to see pictures of how our contest winners utilize their beautiful prizes!

Product rating: 9/10 


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