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FUSEtheory is a special business, with an equally passionate owner who is not only infinitely talented, but has an eye for unique designs; truly creating “wearable art.” The company feels that dabbling in a little bit of everything, gives them a chance to grow as individuals, so they are constantly being inventive with their styles and direction. They are striving to always FUSE together new THEORIES – get it?

The store owner, Alex and I connected on Etsy and began brainstorming our product review partnership. Within a few correspondences I felt like we had been friends for years. She is an open-book about her business and willing to assist in everything from color choices to sizing options.

I started developing my brand, FUSEtheory in 2010. I was in school getting my bachelors degree in Fashion Design: Product Development at the University of Cincinnati, college of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP),” Alex shared.

“While in school, I also interned with OBEY Clothing, Fossil (twice) and Free People. My brand started at first as a hobby and an outlet for me to truly express and teach myself things that I wanted to do that I wasn’t necessarily learning in school or during my internships. I taught myself how to screen print and hand dye fabric in unique ways. I had a strong desire to make clothing and accessories that had a meaning behind them but also to connect with potential customers on a more intellectual level. This was something that I saw the corporate fashion industry lacking, a connection between designer and customer.

I started selling my products at different art markets around Ohio, in local boutiques in Cincinnati and doing different fashion show events. Even though Etsy is online, it has been a great community that encourages buyers and sellers to connect more with one another than simply just clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button.”

If you live in Nashville (or have ever even been here for that matter) then you know just how many bridal parties visit this city daily. And you also know just how mundane the typical tank tops they wear can be.

Not only that, but if you’ve ever been in a bridal party you run into the issue of spending money on a shirt you can realistically only wear for a few hours.

FUSEtheory changes that with their bachelorette line that is not only stylish, but extremely unique. Alex sent me the samples below to showcase their options:

After choosing the color combination I liked best, she said she wanted to send me something that was practical for me and that I could wear again and again – I couldn’t have been more in love with what came in the mail.

Untitled design

Not only was it package adorably with a sweet note – but, Alex took the time to make me a custom shirt, just like she would do for anyone who places an order on her Etsy shop. 

HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! I’m undeniably obsessed with it.

The shirt is made amazingly well. Not only was it true to size (and length, which means a lot to me because I’m taller), but my absolute favorite part is that the text is a glitter that DOESN’T RUB OFF. You would think so many stores would jump on this band-wagon, but right now I think FUSEtheory in a trendsetter in that area.

I will say, if you’re a little more gifted up top, you may want to order one size up as wearing this with a regular bra was out of the question for me. It stretched out the design a bit and caused the top to fit oddly. A sports bra was perfect though, and who doesn’t love a good excuse to wear those instead.

Photography by: Kyle Woodworth


I could go on for hours about just how much I love FUSETheory’s creativity and product line. From hoodies, to decorative pillows, they don’t just limit themselves to one way of being fashionably creative. And because you read this: you can get 10% off their Etsy shop by using promo code: LIVEWELL at checkout!!

Who says you can’t treat yourself a little? After all – it’s basically the weekend!

And if you’re more of an in-person shopper, Alex is offering her same discount at the Nashville Crafts & Drafts Festival on April 23rd. I’ll see you there!

Product rating: 8/10

Fuse Theory

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