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Based in Vancouver, Sewn Designs is a handmade brand that puts a unique spin on the classic bralette. Behind conceptualizing the designs and implementing them as the lead creator is Alesia Akehurst. As a self-taught designer, the business started when Alesia made a bralette for herself and a few friends requested ones of their own. Three years later, she’s expanded production and recruited a seamstress she swears by in Kelowna, BC. Every product is handmade in Canada, keeping in mind the women they’ll be sent to and the idea of style merging with empowerment.

Alesia and I went back and forth a few times before choosing the perfect style for her to send my way. Her products are sized like shirts (XS, S & M). That being said, I was a little nervous that I couldn’t just select my exact bra size, especially because I’m not exactly tiny in that area. But I understood that being handmade, it was probably impossible to make exact sizes.

I chose the Serenity – Blue Lace design featured below:

In honor of Pantone’s 2016 Color of the Year, the Serenity blue lace bralette is soft, sexy, comfortable, with a touch of cool. 1/4′ strap elastic and 2′ rib elastic with hook + eye closure. Support level: light – Courtesy of Sewn Designs.

I ordered the medium with Alesia’s reassurance that it should work for a DD (the medium on the site lists support for C/D cup sizes).


My bralette arrived neatly packaged with a sweet note from Alesia. Even though it was coming from Canada, it showed up quickly and I enjoyed the simplicity of the packaging. Just like the brand itself, the packaging was about showcasing the product and it’s intricate design. I do have to admit, when I opened it, I was a bit concerned holding the feather-like and what seemed to be very small, amount of fabric in my hand. I thought for sure it wouldn’t fit.

I was so wrong. This product is actually one of the better bra’s I own. It is definitely not a full coverage bra, but it’s perfect to wear with loose, soft t-shirts for a total comfort frenzy. The straps, which seemed to thin to be supportive, are actually a very fitting elastic that not only provide amazing support but are just as soft as the comforting lace they’re connected to.

While I wouldn’t be able to wear mine as confidently as the models on Sewn Design’s website, if you were smaller in the chest region, these could also be a perfect, elegant addition to any outfit (especially in the approaching Summer months).

Browse the following links to shop through some of the most popular items Sewn Design offers, but be sure to handle your products with care. Once you receive them, it’s almost like it’s your duty to treat Alesia’s art the right away. So hand-wash in cold water and tumble dry to maintain the integrity of these pieces. More on product care here. 

Not only are these products a great “me” gift, but they’re also perfect for bridal parties/brides to be. With wedding season quickly approaching – there’s nothing better than a made-to-order, one-of-a-kind piece.

Product rating: 8/10

Sorry, I’ll let you shop now:




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