Try This! Lidt Handmade

I have a deep-rooted obsession with candles, but like most people, I’m picky about the scents I choose for around the house. I feel like you can one-hundred-percent categorize people by the types of scents they navigate toward. Just like colors, they come in warm and cool tones. Smell is one of our strongest memory triggers, so it makes sense that everyone would want to surround themselves with different ones.

Luckily for me, I really had my options when my package arrived in the mail from Lidt Handmade. Based in Arizona, this company focuses on modern minimalism with all they do; making classically simplistic scents that remind you not of a thing, but a place.

Providing me with five different scents; hillside orchard, red ember, majestic pine forest, Egyptian cotton and Seattle coffee house, I couldn’t wait to test out the scents. Last week’s lazy Sunday consisted of lighting one in each room of the house.

Obviously, the coffee house went in the kitchen, the orchard in the living room, the pine forest in the dining room, the red ember in the bedroom and the Egyptian cotton in the bathroom (if you’re wondering why that’s an obvious thing, I don’t have an explanation).

While I don’t suggest doing the same thing as me because my house smelt like a candle shop for days, it was a great way to get a feel for what scents were stronger than others. The coffee house was definitely the strongest of all the scents and got the most compliments. It legitimately smells like you’re brewing a fresh pot of coffee.

I also really loved the orchard and pine forest scents as well. I’m a big fan of warm and for lack of a better word, yummy, scents.

My favorite thing about these candles is that no matter how much you burn them, it looks like they are brand new. The wick stays clean, without dropping any ash into the surface of the candle, which keeps it looking fresh and clean. Another aspect that you probably wouldn’t expect is that every single candle is white. There is no over processing or added color.

I cannot say enough good things about the quality of these candles. They are in thick jars that are insulated enough to not get super hot so you can pick them up and move them even when they’ve been lit for a while, the metal lids conceal all smoke once you blow them out and they are uniform so if you like things to match like me, you can have any scent in any room and not have to worry about the color clashing (you’re probably not that OCD, but still). Get to shopping and having your house smell amazing! At $12 a piece, you don’t even need to take out the credit card for this one, people! AND as an added bonus for all of you, they’re offering $5.00 off all orders and free U.S. shipping when you use the code: LIVEWELL at checkout.

Product rating: 9/10

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