Try This! Naturality Coffee Soap

You can’t go wrong with coffee in the morning, but maybe there’s a better way to have it other than just a quick cup when you get to the office. What if you could feel totally energized before you even got ready in the morning? It may just be a possibility for you, because Naturality’s coffee latte exfoliating soap was just what I needed to add some pep to my morning routine.

Made with goat’s milk, espresso and ground coffee, you can’t help but feel energized and refreshed after adding this into your shower/bath mix. I will say, this soap definitely boasts a strong exfoliation (stated clearly in the product description) so you may want to use it every other day to keep balance. The coffee grinds make for extreme buffering, while the goat’s milk aids in moisturizing at the same time.

It’s no secret that many beauty product lines for both men and women include caffeine into their process, but this is as pure and concentrated as you can get. Before I even unwrapped the bar of soap I smelt a fresh cup of coffee. While it resembles a piece of fudge, don’t be tempted to take a bite (trust me – just kidding) (maybe).

This product can be used as a normal everyday soap, a hand soap (but I feel like you would be wasting it’s full potential), or even a facial scrub. I’ve been using it (daily) for about two weeks now and it has barely gone down in size, so I’m confident one bar is more than enough for you. For such an organic, handmade product, the price point is exactly where you’d want it to be as well ($8.00).

Don’t wait to try this out and be amazed at just how energized you can get from trying coffee in a whole new form! Shop all of Naturality’s products and scents here!

Product rating: 7/10

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