March: Birchbox Review

As my Happy Planner says for the month of March – “in like a lion and out like a lamb,” my birthday month has some crazy twists and turns. However, it’s also Women’s History Month, which is pretty awesome and that’s what Birchbox decided to focus their samples on with last month’s box. As always, if you scroll over the images above, you’ll be able to see my out-of-ten rating, but I’ll expand a bit for those of you looking for more.

Let’s start with Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow. If you’ve read my other reviews, it’s probably clear that I’m a little obsessed with BB Cream. Sometimes it’s the only thing I apply to my face before leaving the house. I love that it gives moisture and sun protection while making skin look flawless, but not covering up the things we should embrace as women like scars or freckles. I loved this BB Cream for the application, the lightweight feeling and the coverage but Golden Glow was a little more Muddy Water than anything else. The color pigmentation was super strong so applying it all over your face will make for a whole shade (if not more) darker than you probably want. I still found a way to use it, but only by applying a bit over my cheekbones like a highlight.

We can loop the Number 4™ L’eau de Mare Hydrating Condition and Shampoo together as one here. Together, these products are amazing. They add so much volume and moisture to your hair and even extended the amount of time I needed between washes. That being said, I first tried the shampoo on it’s own and didn’t see much of a difference compared to my much cheaper and easily accessible, Pantene.

COOLA® Classic SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer for Face is like a mini trip to the spa. I keep my sample in my purse and use it as a morning moisturizer, or even a refresher halfway through the work day. With a refreshing scent and lightweight application, it provides just the right amount of moisture without leaving skin feeling greasy.

I’m mildly obsessed with Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris Perfume. I am a really big fan of fruity and summery scents, so the notes of grapefruit and pear in this fragrance are perfect, especially for a month that holds onto a little bit of Winter while welcoming Spring. While all perfume is expensive, I do have to say this little bottle is worth a pretty penny (or many pennies at $80), but when you’re ready to invest in a great, long-lasting perfume, this is definitely the one to go after.

Lastly, my least favorite sample of my March box came in my most favorite color. I love deep, cranberry red, so when I saw theBalm® cosmetics Stainiac, I got excited. Advertised as a two-in-one lip and cheek stain, the “beauty queen” pigment seemed perfect for my skin type. I couldn’t have been more dissatisfied when I applied it, however. On my lips, this brought a clown hue. A bright, crazy red, that wouldn’t come off! That was after I applied the three dots to the apples of me cheeks and prepared for blending. The dots dried immediately and blending was impossible and almost… sticky. It took me about 15 minutes in the bathroom to try and wipe all of it off and I never used it again. BUYER BEWARE.


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