Try This! Delikates Design

Delikates Design is both unique and practical, bringing fashionable elements to practical use. I began talking to Csaba, one of the three shop owners based out of Romania a few months back about the laptop bags their company had featured on Etsy. Unknowing at the time, that Csaba, Eszter and Emő hand-make each and every one of their items out of a workshop in Csíkszereda.

The team had me choose an item that not only fit my needs, but also my style, from their full website and not only were extremely accommodating, but also willing to work on pattern or stylization changes.

Each and every product was so unique I had a really hard time choosing what to review, not only for myself, but to share with all of you. When it hit me that most of my readers are writers or bloggers themselves, I couldn’t think of anything better than choosing one of their handmade laptop bags. I could have never imagined I would love it as much as I do.

All of their product models have numbers – I chose #21. 

Anyone that knows me, knows that red is my favorite color. I think it’s bold and passionate, which is what initially drew me to choosing this particular bag to review. Not only that, but the contrasting elements of patterns and shapes seemed unlike any product in the same lane I’d seen before.

The great thing about ordering directly from their website is that the price of the bag takes postage into account, so there’s no surprise at checkout. On Etsy, the bag is priced at $55.00 for a 15-16″ bag. You can note to seller if you’d like it to be smaller, but I have a 13″ laptop and love the extra room in the bag to include a book, charger, etc..

As far as surprises go though, I was really shocked at just how well-made this bag was. I loved it ten times more in person. There is a bit of delivery delay with these products but I’ll stress one more time, that it’s because they are handmade and shipping internationally.

When I took the bag out of it’s packaging it felt like a big pillow, cushioned so much more than any laptop bag I’ve previously owned. The stitching work is impressive, with no loose ends and the “triangular pattern” that I thought was just detail work on the front of the bag is actually a pocket as long as the width of the bag, perfect for a journal, pens, or your cellphone – something I used to always have to carry separate when my laptop was in it’s bag.

As featured in the photo above, there is also a large zippered compartment on the back extending the entire bag as well. It’s perfect for your cell phone charge or important papers, anything that you would want to be just as protected as your laptop itself, especially if it’s raining outside and you’re walking with the bag.

Not only does the bag have a super sturdy and adjustable shoulder strap (THAT’S REMOVABLE), but it also has two symmetrical handles so you can quickly turn this great product from a laptop bag to a large clutch or horizontal tote.

I don’t think I could say enough good things about this shop, the owners, or the product itself. I was so happy and impressed and feel lucky to be able to collaborate with them and share their designs with all of you. Because they couldn’t be more perfect, they’re also offering my readers 10% off a laptop bag order by using the code LIVEWELL. This is such a great deal considering the amount of time and work this team puts into creating beautifully practical items that are so unique.

Product Rating: 10/10 [FIRST EVER]

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