Try This! Tovi Sorga Boutique

Tovi & Agnes of Tovi Sorga Boutique are an incredible team with products as wonderful as their attitudes. Based out of the United Kingdom, they not only have their own website that features their exclusive, and frequently updated collections, but also an Etsy store that allows buyers from everywhere to easily browse through collections new and old.

Tovi Sorga is an independent artist, designer and producer of a myriad of printed leather accessories that are beautiful and practical. When a demand for this sort of design grew in London boutiques, Tori expanded on the opportunity and hasn’t looked back since.

Like all of their products, their phone cases are made in-house and stitched on a vintage Singer sewing machine. All prints are 100% unique and hand-designed as well. When I first spoke with Tovi and Agnes (partner) they had directed me to their website to choose some prints I enjoyed; at the same time telling me they had a new collection coming out that they’d love for me to look over since I work part-time in the wedding planning space.

From the Classic Collection, I really enjoyed their floral prints. All were beautiful, but I gravitated more toward a pattern known as a “Decoupage Roses.”  Their new collection, Mobius is so fun and exciting! It had funky patterns and bright colors; a refreshing, abstract twist on the classic side of their product line I also loved.

Expressing my admiration toward their “Gold Eye// Bracelet/Purse” in the new product line, I left it up to the two creatives to choose what they sent my way and I couldn’t have been happier with what I received.

If you read a lot of my product reviews, you probably know I’m BIG on packaging. I think it’s almost as important as what’s on the inside. This is what arrived at my door last week:

They sent these before their packaging arrived as well, so if you can imagine it, your order will look even better than mine did and that seems hard to achieve:


What was inside was even more beautiful and so thoughtful of the shop owners:

Decoupage Roses & Maps with Gold

They sent me a phone case from both their classic and new collection, focusing on the designs and color schemes I expressed interest in. These aren’t just any phone cases either, they come with instructions! Don’t worry, it’s not too complicated, but insures you get the most out of the products that are sure to last as long as you want them to with the quality leather they’re made out of.

I can’t even begin to tell you how secure my phone feels inside this case. Not only that, but working in the music industry means a lot of concerts and a lot of not wanting your purse on your shoulder all night. Throwing a $20 and my I.D. in the side pocket of this case still allows for it to not be bulky and everything stays put when I’m busy taking pictures with my phone on the other side.

As if that wasn’t enough, they also sent me two (one from the classic, one from the new collection) wallet cuffs that are simply amazing and perfect for my weekend wedding work (try saying that ten times fast). The floral is absolutely perfect for Spring wedding bridesmaids as well, especially if the dresses pull from any of the many colors it features. Hopefully, there won’t be a cash bar (open bars are super helpful) but even if there is, you’ll be prepared. You can even put your I.D. in the inside wallet compartment and still have it clasp nicely around your wrist.

I wore the new collection, featured on the right, with a black jumper for a wedding I worked last week and it was my best friend the entire day. I kept bobby & safety pins in it for the bridal party and it was the best thing I never knew I needed.

I also have great news for this month ONLY! Click the photo below for full details so you can be practical and stylin’ at the same time. The “English Summer” cuff I was sent (featured on the left in the photo above) will be available next week. Right now, it’s an exclusive item and I have to say – I feel pretty cool about that.

All in all, I give this company and their products my second 10/10 EVER. They were so sweet to send me products I could not only review, that matched the needs of my readers, but that I could also love and use. The detail and passion that goes into each and every product is enviable and incomparable to others in their lane. They are doing great things “across the pond” and I’m so happy to help all of you go fishing for some new items you never knew you’d love.

Product rating: 10/10


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