Murphy Elmore’s ‘Kings of Friday Night’ EP Review

Hailing from Alabama, singer/songwriter, Murphy Elmore is releasing his anticipated EP, Kings of Friday Night this Friday [June 10, 2016]. Embracing his country roots, this project exhibits Elmore’s passion for playing music, as well as his ability to tell stories with his writing. In just six tracks, any listener will go on a journey of personal testaments; each one bringing a new emotion to the table.

Shortly after moving to Nashville, his live performances and spirited writing abilities led to his first deal with Sony/ATV. Following this partnership came the release of two singles: “One Night Stand” and “Damn Good Kisser,” which helped to pave the way toward more recognition and thus, a demand for more of Elmore’s music.

The first track is the title track of the EP, “Kings of Friday Night.” With a strong, old-school country instrumental this song has high energy and definitely sets the tone for the entire project. Murphy’s clear vocals hold their own weight over the rock-like guitar and drums that underscore them. You’re instantly transported to a dimly-lit pool hall on a Friday night where the beer is cheap and everyone knows your name. It’s the perfect song to start off Summer in the South.

A personal favorite of mine off of the EP is called, “Angels in Alabama.” Contrary to the sound of the opening track, this song showcases Elmore’s dynamic songwriting ability. A beautiful homage to his mother, the story is easily relatable to anyone who has been through a battle against a disease with someone they love. It talks about the urge you might feel to drown your pain when you get the news that someone close to you is sick and the hope that you find in their strength. This is a beautiful song that deserves and incredible amount of attention.

Without giving too much away so you can have your own journey through this EP, I’ll touch a bit on the necessary country ballad that it holds. “I’m Gonna Love You” is the Summertime love song you’ve been waiting for. An open-letter to the special person in your life, it holds just the right amount of passion with a hook that will forever be stuck in your head. Reminiscent of Eric Church’s “Wrecking Ball,” it’s the perfect conclusion to an evolved EP that showcases the brilliant talents of an up and coming country artist.


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