Try This! Casetify

The “protect your phone” game has changed and it’s turned into something stylish and so fun. Casetify is showing Otterbox what’s up with their new sleek and adorable phone cases that you can both customize and buy other’s designs, whichever is more you. 

Housing iPhone 6/6S covers, iPad covers, Macbook sleeves and Apple watch wristbands, this company is all about practical style and I love it.

When you first navigate to their website you can choose custom, shop, collections or backplate. Custom; design your own case with an “upload photos” option, color and font choices beyond infinity. Shop; browse all popular designs and search for things you love (i.e. ladybugs), there’s generally something adorable for everyone. Collections; shop collections made by Casetify collaborators and designers (i.e., Maddy Newton, who I recently interviewed for Across the Table!). Backplate; something pretty special that gives people with “matching OCD” a lot of joy. You can choose just the backplate (design portion) or your case to get a new insert and swap out that part on your current Casetify case. Backplates are of course cheaper than a case and give you the option to change up your phone’s style just like your own.

I’m sure all of this already sounds pretty great, but on top of their awesome products, they’re always offering discount codes. Currently you can get a Pokemon Aimer screen cover for $1 with a purchase of $30 or more (the equivalent to a phone case) with discount code: POKEGOAL. HOW COOL IS THAT THING?! (I mean if you’re into that kind of stuff…)


Because I didn’t choose any custom shipping with my order, it was shipped to me standard and I got it in about nine business days. I had heard people having issues with the shipment of their orders from the company, but I appreciated the shipping updates and accurate tracking that came with mine.

If you follow my reviews at all, you know packaging means a lot to me because I think it’s just like a real life first impression. I was thoroughly impressed when my case came in the mail!

In came in a finished cardboard carrying case that looked a lot like a book, opened vertically, and has the case snug as a bug in a rug inside! Surrounded by foam, with a high-quality foam insert, the case arrived exactly how I hoped it would!

When purchasing, after you choose your desired case you have the option to view it on your color phone as well as change the buffer (actual case) color. I chose transparent and viewed it on my phone and was extremely satisfied that it looked the same exact way when it arrived.


I absolutely love my case. The floral print. The font. The message. It’s cute, but also super protective and the phone buttons are super responsive with it on too.

I am so satisfied with my purchase and I know you will be too! If you have a Casetify or decide to get one after reading this, leave a photo of your choice in the comments section!

Product rating: 9/10


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