Try This! CherryPak

CherryPak is a brand that is totally unique, handcrafted and worth every penny. Developed by creator and Etsy shop owner, Amy Thorn, the idea came to life after she developed dystonia (a neurological movement disorder syndrome). Post-diagnosis, Amy was given her first cherry pit pack to aid in pain relief and she soon realized the undeniable benefits of cherry pit’s thermodynamic capabilities.

The proceeds of her sales are currently assisting in the training process of her service dog, Carolina, so not only will you feel good using this product, but you can also know the money spent purchasing it is going toward something great.

A couple weeks ago, Amy sent me the sweetest package with a heartfelt letter that clearly outlined her passion for her company and made me all the more excited to give CherryPak a try!


Enclosed in the package were three different types of CherryPaks for me to try.

  1. The classic The classic 
  2. The computer keyboard/mouse wrist rest 
  3. The small baby warmer 

The first thing I noticed about these products is the quality. You can almost tell just by the photos, how durable and well manicured the fabric is. The two regular packs being a tougher linen that I wasn’t nervous about laying my weight on and the baby warmer having a soft, lined cotton exterior that is actually a 100% all natural cotton pillow stuffed with a linen pack of the cherry stones.

First things first, it wasn’t long before my roommate and I noticed that her dog was obsessed with CherryPak. He is a little bit of diva and won’t touch anything he doesn’t know a lot about, but if you have a dog that enjoys investigating with their teeth, it might be worth keeping these in a safe place (common sense maybe, but they’re so cute you just want to keep them on display!)


Now onto how human friends feel about the product! The first thing I was super excited to try was the desktop set. I work on a computer all day, every day and even though I try to give myself mini breaks throughout the day, sometimes my wrists and especially the muscles right under my thumbs are just plain sore! I followed the easy instructions on the tag of the set, placing them on a microwave safe plate first (not sure if you have to do that, but the microwave at work isn’t exactly spotless).


I first put the set in the microwave for 1 minute, a bit nervous about over heating it, but 2 minutes definitely did the trick for me! Keep in mind this is a preference thing:


The heat lasted pretty steadily for about 45 minutes, as long as you would really notice a heating pad (or should have one plugged in for) and I noticed if you shook the bag a bit and moved the stones around, it seemed to re-distribute things and keep it going even longer.

Just last night, my roommate and I went to a pretty intense, pretty long yoga training class that left us almost immediately sore. We came home and saw the CherryPaks on the table and instantly popped them in the microwave. This is when I was able to try the classic pack while my roommate used the long desktop warmer for spot treatment on her back. I have always had issues with my neck, especially if I work or strain it too much and sometimes even ibuprofen doesn’t do the trick. Placing the classic warmer across my shoulders and against my neck gave me almost immediate relief and I now, can’t say enough about how much I stand behind these well made, easy to use, durable and wonderful products!

Not only are they an amazing and safe alternative to heating pads, but they can also be used for cyrotherapy by placing in the freezer for an hour. The packs hold the cold as long as they do the heat, which is pretty great and way longer than an ice pack would!

To top it all off, you can wash and dry these wonder-filled bags in a machine washer and dryer, which is almost unheard of for a product like this and means you can stand behind the quality in which they are made.

With a lot of newborn babies in my family, I’m excited to pass along the baby warmer and see if it does the comforting trick!

Not only can you order these online through the CherryPak website or their Etsy store, but if you’re a local or visiting Bainbridge, Georgia you can pick up some at Grimsley Pharmacy or Still Waters/ The Refinery. This is an overall feel good brand with a lot of heart and soul and I look forward to seeing the heights CherryPak reaches in the near future. To help you, help Amy reach these new heights, she’s offering my readers a 10% off discount code. Just use the code: LIVEWELL at checkout to receive 10% off your order and don’t forget to leave your thoughts on CherryPak in the comments section!

Product rating: 10/10 

















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