August: Birchbox Review

With the end of Summer [finally] approaching (HELLLLO FALL), Birchbox did a great job of sending along August samples that are perfect to kick-off the new season. As always, my out-of-ten rating will be shown when you hover over the images above, but here’s some more details on the things that make each sample pretty great.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics Day-Dream Palette, while I was only sent one shade, falls in the “good everyday” category for me. There’s nothing overly special about it. Pigmentation is better when layered, there’s a slight shine that I’m personally not a fan of, but some people love and it lasts about as long as your work day or day of classes would. $25.00 seems pretty reasonable to me for the entire palette and I think anyone who generally wears natural shades and likes to “touch up” throughout the day would find it super useful.

SKINFOOD Black Sugar Mask Wash Off is awesome and I was thoroughly impressed. Unlike most sugar scrubs, it’s not harsh at all and instead of just exfoliating the skin, it moisturizes as well. It smells great, goes on smooth and I use it as a mask and scrub interchangeably. You can’t beat the $10.00 price and a little bit goes a long way. My only suggestion would be to use it more sporadically versus making it a part of your every day face routine.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again… I am not a lip color girl. At most, I use ESO Chapstick and at best, maybe a light pink gloss… but Birchbox has opened my eyes to a whole new world with every lip sample they send me and  the stila Matte About You Liquid Lipstick in Patina was everything I didn’t think I needed. A color darker than I’d ever buy for myself, the plum shade is perfect for Fall and I was so impressed that it applied like a gloss and lasted like a matte lip-stain. While I don’t think I’ll ever be the girl that wears lipstick/gloss/stain on the daily, I keep this in my bag for times I want to be spontaneous (we all have our own definition).

While more like a texture paste, I’m not mad about R+Co BADLANDS Dry Shampoo Paste or how well it works. Unlike most dry shampoos, you apply it with your fingers, which I have to admit freaked me out at first, especially with how sticky it appears to be. When you rub it between your fingers though, this paste turns into a light dust that is easy to shake into your roots and definitely absorbs the grease. I will say that in addition to being a dry shampoo, it has a lot of hold, so be careful how much you use (unless you’re going for that Jimmy Neutron look).

Beauty Protector Protect & Oil is everything you look for in a hair protectant. It’s lightweight, easy to apply, is made with great ingredients and smells like cookie dough? To me, anyway. But it’s like Birchbox just knows every time I’m about to run out of the last hair oil they sent me and BAM a new one to try! I’m always hesitant and then I always love them. Call me captain obvious, but use. this. sparingly. or you will look like you just went swimming and didn’t have time to blow dry your hair/ it never dries all day. Another great use for this oil is head massages! I’ve been trying to do them a couple times a week on myself and I definitely think it helps make your hair look and feel so much healthier.

Stay tunes for the first box of Fall: September! I can’t wait to share my thoughts on those samples and talk about pumpkins and apples and lattes and sweaters and all things cozy and warm.


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