Ariel Petrie is a “Queen”

You may recognize, Ariel from our Across the Table, but today is all about her music video release for “Queen.” 

The video features various women who reveal different words written on their hands;




All revealing to the viewer, exactly what kind of “Queen” they are.

Ariel’s goal for the video, you ask?

“My goal is to empower women and encourage young girls to strive to be their own kind of Queen.”

Females can never have too much empowerment. From the days of fighting for the right to vote, to striving for equal pay, we’ve worked to show our equality. This video is about more than that, it’s about standing out. Being equally the same and different, all at once.

It’s a start-of-the-week, make-you-smile, powerful piece from an equally powerful artist.

Stay tuned!

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