Casetify Christmas

Hey you beautiful people! It’s been a while. As I’m sure is the case (no pun intended) for a lot of you, life is crazy around the holidays. There are Christmas parties and sending holiday cards and lunches and the ever-joyous secret Santa – in between all of that it’s hard to find time to eat cookies, let alone do your Christmas shopping.

But what’s one thing everyone has?


That’s right class, a cell phone. And no matter what people say, if given the chance to have a stylishly protected phone over a clunky one that doesn’t fit in their pocket – they’ll choose the first option every time.

That’s why Casetify is the way to go now, or anytime of year for that matter. You might remember my extensive review from a few months back, but even since then, things have changed for the better.

Casetify updates their designs and partnerships practically monthly – this month featuring the adorable, Lucy Hale. When they partner with influencers, the influencers choose their own designs that showcase their personality and almost certainly, elements of yours. If you’re not impressed by someone else’s design-eye though, you can create your own custom case with any photos, patterns or designs that fit you.

Personally, I love browsing all of the designs that already exist and picking one that feels a lot like the season I’m purchasing it for. Two weeks ago I received my new case, Modern Rose Gold and Glitter Ombre (part of the Glitter Case Collection for the Holidays) and love everything about this case – the sleekness of the design, the way it covers all necessary elements of my phone to protect it, the colors and patterns – everything.

The best part about Casetfiy though, is how diverse their designs really are.You could probably get a case for everyone on your Christmas list (and one for you of course). giphy

Beyond being perfect for Christmas, they also have their Glitter Case Collection for the iPhone 7, perfect to ring in the New Year in style. And I don’t know if there’s anything better than gifting the people on your list with something they’ll be proud to show off, and an unofficial insurance policy on the prized possession they use to keep in touch with you!

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