2018 Resolutions

New year. New day. New resolutions to set.

I want 2018 to be a year of exploration, both within myself and of others. To hone in on my empathy so that it helps me to help others in ways I wouldn’t be able to do in the past. To put my emotions aside and make more decisions based on fact. To say “no” when I need to and know it’s okay. To not let other people’s emotions affect mine. To live my life focusing on the large rocks and knowing the pebbles and sand will be ever changing, and always there.

Think of your life like a jar. Start by filling the jar with large rocks. Then pebbles. Then sand. Each time the jar gets more full but it all fits in harmony because the largest things go in first. If the sand went in first, the pebbles and rocks wouldn’t fit. Prioritize your life that way. Spend time on the things that matter most. Then the things that need to be done. The small things will always be there to fill the gaps, just like the sand.


Create a spark of magic whenever it’s possible
Bring warmth to cold moments
Have more fun, even if no one else is joining
Take time to connect with loved ones, no matter the time it seems you don’t have
Love deeper and more spontaneously
Find solace in quiet moments
Join in crowded moments even though your personal space tells you not to
Find sparkles of magic on gray days
Escape and unplug
Take time for me

3 thoughts on “2018 Resolutions

  1. Love these thoughts, they resonate deeply with me and especially finding the sparkle of magic on gray days, when I think of it, we can all find that one thing in each day to be grateful for or even more important to not take small things for granted, and trying to open our space even when it might be a little over crowded with every day life circumstances, because by keeping a little open space something new and wonderful might come along that we didn’t think we had the room for, and most of all I think making the time for our “loved ones & friends” is so very meaningful as long as we balance that with making some “me” time as you put it, because if we don’t take care of ourselves and love ourselves we can’t really give anything to others I just love this blog it has so many thoughts about how to live simply & simply live but with deep meaning!

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