5 MAJOR Tips for Work / Life Balance

No matter the job, no matter the responsibilities, chances are unless you work on a ski slope or in a forest somewhere you’re expected to be accessible pretty much 24/7. My job as a digital marketer in particular, requires me to be constantly plugged in, so I’ve come up with the following tips to help elevate the “red-bubble stress” as I like to call it. These tips might also help you enjoy your “me” time just a little more and help you to realize that you’re actually happier in work when you take advantage of the time you’re not there.



  • Re-organize your phone so that all of your apps and folders are on a second home screen. Not seeing the red bubbles as soon as you unlock your device will help you to be less stressed and tackle your notifications when you feel ready for it.



  • Create folders in your email inbox (per client or status). This will help you to easily find something if a client has a quick ask, without you scrambling through your inbox and being constantly reminded of other things on your plate.



  • Add important people to your iPhone “favorites” so that before you go to bed, you can put your phone on “do not disturb,” confidentially knowing that if someone needs you bad enough, they’ll be able to get a hold of you. You’d be surprised just how good uninterrupted sleep feels.


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  • Create a home-like environment in your office space. Whether it means decorating your desk with photos, or bringing your favorite coffee mug into the office, make a space yours make you want to perform better in it because you’re comfortable.



  • Separate your planners and lists. Just like work is different than home, your lists should be too. The best thing you can do is have two planners, one for work tasks and one for personal. Looking at your day through two different views is a great way to prioritize instead of get overwhelmed.



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