mood beaters: underrated

Yet another lunchtime listen with a mood beater for your most vulnerable self. Sorry if it’s practically already dinner time for you, but I’ve been taking late lunches recently. Bottom line; we’ve all had those moments where we feel completely taken for granted, worth less than what we are, or like we’re trying to fight away through something. Normally in those moments, I turn to Nicki & Drake; but I’ve added a few more so you actually had some variety (you’re welcome).

mood beaters_ underrated

I will warn you, you may finish this playlist and feel like you want to channel Beyonce from the “Hold Up” video, but as strong as those urges are… you need to get them under control, go be basic and grab a tall white mocha with almond milk. You are not Beyonce. This chain of songs just tricked you into thinking you were and it won’t go as planned.

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