mood beaters: confused

Dazed and confused. We all know the feeling. Sometimes you can be so indecisive that you stress over which type of bread to get at the grocery store. Most of the time that stems from something else. A bigger decision in your life that you’re finding it difficult to tackle. My advice? Take a step back, listen to a solid playlist, maybe do some breathing exercises and table the issue at hand for a bit. You never know the new perspective and level of clarity you might come back with.

mood beaters_ confused

Let me know if this helps…

One thought on “mood beaters: confused

  1. Ha Ha, Love this , dazed and confused sounds a lot like me on many days, stressed or worries , I think way too many people these days can relate to these feelings more often then not, and I love your play list of music and tips on breathing , I have done breathing exercises it and it does work well, I also found through different reading materials an exercise on tapping, have you ever heard of it? I need to study into it a little more but I’ve heard it works for many stresses and worries, maybe you can research it and add this type exercise to one of your future blogs on stress and worry reducers, but thanks again Shannon, your such a life saver with your healthy, natural, simple & easy tips of how to get through the daily routines of life and come out feeling refreshed and ready and able to tackle whatever life throws at us and know we can handle it with just a few easy tips added to our life, like great music, such a healing tools and a few other stress reducing exercises, why wouldn’t everyone want to give it a try, and try it more then once and I think it would become a necessary part of a healthy daily routine most people could squeeze in and want to keep in once they get the hang of it and the positive difference it could make! As always thank you for your wonderful tips, I look forward to your next Blog!

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