TJ Won’t Maxx You Out

There’s got to be more of you out there like me. We have a disease where we don’t understand the importance of treating ourselves, or sometimes even… feel guilty for it. I think I’ve found a cure, so I want to let you in on my little secret: bargain hunting. And the best place to do it? TJ Maxx. I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I truly “splurge” on myself in a year, be it a shopping spree, or getting my nails done. I just like to take good care of my things so I don’t have to do it frequently and I find relaxation in doing things like my nails, by myself at home.

All of that said, there’s another reason that things like shopping sprees are like chicken soup for the soul and that’s because we all crave to have that feeling of rejuvenating pampering – what better way to get that than from ourselves. I like to think that I now have a fool-proof way to make these sort of things happen and still stay within budget for the month (those steps are coming).

The real moral of the story is that you should never feel bad for treating yourself. You work hard. You give back to others. It’s OKAY to give back to yourself every once in a while too.

Part of my giving back to myself that makes it all seem full circle is then giving back to others. I do that by donating one item to Good Will for every new item I bring home. That means a pair of shoes, a purse, a pair of jeans. One for one. Each time I get home from a trip like this, I lay everything out on my bed and then put a matching item I already owned into the same shopping bag I just got home with and drop it off at a donation express the next morning. It is the best feeling and I encourage you to try it!

Here are those steps I promised you by the way:

  1. Set a budget
  2. Pick a store (TJ Maxx is my go-to)
  3. Think of the items you need
  4. Think of a color (in stores like TJ Maxx this is crucial to not spending 6 hours in a vortex)
  5. Try all of the items of clothing on
  6. Making yes, no & maybe piles
  7. Add up your yes pile
  8. Decide how much budget you have left
  9. Don’t get sucked in by the items while you wait at the registers
  10. Check out & go home feeling refreshed

My favorite two finds from my trip this weekend? A roomy, multi-compartment, light pink Miztique handbag for $19. A pair of slip-on, memory foam Sperry’s for $19 and a pair of dark-wash jeans for $12.


One thought on “TJ Won’t Maxx You Out

  1. I love this Blog and how you organized that shopping trip and the part about not getting stuck in a vortex when shopping, that always happens to me no matter what I shop for especially when shopping for myself, since I don’t do that so often. Next time I decide to go on one of those very rare shopping sprees for myself I will first set my little budget then take a little inventory of what I really could use, what I really need, and then I will hit the store with some ideas already in my mind, I will then think of particular colors and do the yes, no and maybe piles try on for fit and decide much easier from there my choices and yes keep away from impulse buying while waiting at the register so not to wind up going over my budget! Also, I have a habit of feeling a little guilty after I go shopping for myself, something plays in my head that tells me , I really didn’t need this or that, but I think your idea of giving back something I have at home that is still in nice condition to a clothing bank will make a difference for me not to feel so guilty about treating myself and also make me feel as though I am giving back to some other person that is looking for something they can use or would like to have! I also love your tips on how to simply take the time to pamper ones self in order to refresh and rejuvenate and feel special, I guess we all need to do that once in a while, to invest into a little self care in order to be able to give back to others. It only makes sense that if we don’t take care and take time for ourselves we won’t have anything to give to others that might count on us! Thanks so much for your uplifting sensible blog and these great tips, they made me think about myself a little bit, since we all get into that rut once in a while, I am going to make sure I try to plan a little self care calendar for just me once in a while within my little budget and make a date with myself to give myself a reasonable little treat , then to give a little back and I think it’s going to make a big difference! Wow, Thank you, Love your uplifting blogs!

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