Kailey Miller’s ‘Broken’ Is Your “Think Song”

I’ve coined the term “think song” as a piece of music that makes you reflect on things and see your problems through a new perspective. The kind of song that you feel was written for you and a situation you’ve been in. The type where you’re not sure how someone else could relate so perfectly.

If you’ve never felt wrong, or “broken” then I’m really happy for you and you should feel blessed. At some point though, I think we all feel like something we’ve done, something that’s been done to us, has made us feel less than or not good enough.

Kailey Miller’s latest release, “Broken” tells the story of just that. It reflects on someone feeling guilty for the problems they’ve had and the way they’ve affected those around them. It is simplistic and beautiful. You may remember Kailey from a previous interview I did with her on her most recent EP, which you can read HERE .

I encourage you to add “Broken” to your reflective & peaceful playlist. The one you listen to to get centered and grounded. We all need that sometimes.


2 thoughts on “Kailey Miller’s ‘Broken’ Is Your “Think Song”

  1. Hi, just read your latest blog, I would really love to listen to Broken is there another way besides Spotify? Anyway, Hope the Weather there is not too bad, just rainy and gloomy up this way so some good music is great advice! Have a great week and keep those fantastic blogs coming I look forward to them!!!

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