Wish You Were Northwest…

If you’ve been following my Instagram the past few months, it’s no secret that Wish You Were Northwest has become one of my all-time favorite clothing brands. That’s why I’ve been SO excited about partnering with them for this product review to feature them in a more “official” capacity here for all of you.

Tahnee & Tory are sisters who grew up just outside of Seattle in a musical & artistic family that emphasized constant exploring with no real destination in mind. When they started WYWNW, they wanted to take those elements that made them fall in love with the Pacific Northwest and incorporate them into their designs so that shoppers felt invited into their world. Their styles are unique, their fabric is comfortable, their colors are reminiscent of those you’d see on a mountain exploration and seriously when you put them on, I promise they’re like a magic cloak making you want to live more free.

Right before my 25th birthday (don’t remind me that’s a QUARTER OF A CENTURY) (it’s fine, I’m fine…) Tahnee & Tory sent me a shirt and a hat to feature on here for all of you and I instantly fell in love. img_5407

+ Repeat that Song: Unisex Tee 

+ NRTHWST Beanie: Teal 

Like everything I’ve ever gotten from WYWNW the tee fits perfectly and even though it’s white, it’s not transparent so no need to bulk things up with a cami underneath. The saying on the tee is a reminder of letting yourself repeat those nights that made you feel happy or free, reminding you they don’t have to stay memories. And maybe the biggest plus? All of their shirts and hoodies have a WYWNW stamp inside instead of a tag, which makes them even more comfortable!

The beanie is adorable and just light enough where it’s not only good as a winter hat, but also a Fall/Spring accessory to spice up any casual look. This hat definitely made me feel way more hip than I actually am.


Every order comes with a personal touch; whether it’s a family recipe card, a thank you note from the ladies with a handwritten touch, or just some extra swag in the form of stickers that are just as cool as the clothes you ordered.


You made it halfway through this week – you deserve to treat yourself today.



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