Things That Matter…

B I O:

I hate to say it, but if you haven’t heard of Things That Matter (TTM) than you’ve been sleeping under one of the logs in their Instagram profile pic. The lifestyle/ clothing brand originated in LA and has progressed in recent years with the backing of Maci & Taylor McKinney of MTV’s Teen Mom. Going by the motto “we live to chase things that matter,” this brand is not only stylish, but adaptable and versatile (we’ll get to all the pros of wearing their clothes shortly). If you fall in love with what you see, which I’m sure you will… use my code “LIVEWELL” for 20% off any order!

Carrera Crew Neck Sweatshirt

The McKinney’s are a force to be reckoned with. Not only are they raising three kids under 10, but they’re running a business and pursuing their individual dreams… making it all look pretty effortless while… oh yeah, filming a television show! With how real the two seem to always keep it, I was more than excited about interviewing them on TTM, their daily lives and a random Q&A in a section I like to call “this or that.

I N T E R V I E W:

Things That Matter is for everybody and our brand message is simple,” Taylor explained when we first chatted. “We want you to continue to chase after the Things That Matter in your life. Whether it be something as big as earning a million dollars in a year or as small as spending time with your loved ones, we want you to achieve and enjoy the Things That Matter.”

Taylor did just that when he first got involved with TTM… “I had a buddy that was invested in the company. They were looking for someone to take over as majority owner. I liked the idea and decided to give it a shot.” He also talked about the Things That Matter to the company.

“We do a lot behind the scenes with different charities or whatever we can to help people. We can’t always do everything or help everyone but this is something we truly enjoy and it fits our brand message.”

In case you needed some guidance beyond what I can give you in my review, I wanted to know the best-sellers for TTM.

“Our micromatter hoodie and our military green logo tee. People constantly ask for them… we can’t keep them on the shelves!”

With such a powerful message and brand, I wanted to know how TTM works to create a community with like-minded individuals.

“We are working with a new business and another product that is going to help a ton of people in a country that lacks certain necessities,” Taylor shared. “I can’t say much about it yet but I’m really excited about it.”


“My favorite part is hearing what or how much the brand means to people,” Taylor explained as the most rewarding aspect of being the majority owner for TTM. “Whether it be on social media or if they come up in person, I truly enjoy hearing their stories and the Things That Matter to them.”

R E V I E W:

I have to be honest, it was like Christmas when my package of clothes to review came in the mail! They sent some amazing tees, hoodies, crew necks, thermals and tanks for me to check out and I couldn’t say more amazing things if I tried. I wore TTM for a week straight and I received a compliment every. single. day on what I was wearing. Their clothes are true to size, comfortable and most importantly… so cute. I can seriously say I felt “put together” in just a TTM tee, some fitted sweatpants and converse. Even though they’re relaxed, they make you look like you put effort into your daily look even on days when you seriously don’t have time to. I could go on for hours, but I’ll highlight my 3 favorites below. I’m 5’7 and 150lbs. I’ll put the sizes I’m wearing below.

In Nashville lately, we’ve had days where it’s 40 degrees and days where it’s 70, so layering is key. This was the perfect week to wear all of the new additions to my wardrobe. The Carrera Crew Neck Sweatshirt is maybe the softest, most comfortable sweatshirt I own. I felt ridiculous comfortable on a Monday full of errands and with some black jeans and a pink velvet hat, it looked like I took time getting ready (in reality, I didn’t shower that day).

Size: Small

The Women’s Logo Tank in Red is perfect for working out, then tying your fav zip-up around your waist and going to get some work done at a Starbucks. Take it from me…

Size: Large

You might have seen Maci rocking this thermal hoodie in this week’s episode of Teen Mom. It might be my favorite new thing I own. The sleeves are the perfect length, the fit is comfortable but flattering and the hoodie can easily make you feel like a badass if you’re walking around the neighborhood and just don’t want to chat… or so I guess?

Size: Medium

Some other items I loved…


& some I didn’t get photographed in because, well, we’ve all got those days our face doesn’t want to cooperate. Remember, you can shop now at and use my code “LIVEWELL” for 20% off your order!



          T H I S // OR // T H A T:



 M A C I:                     T A Y L O R:

                         Netflix or movies out? 

   – Netflix night in                                                                           – Movie night out

                      90s Pop or Today’s Country? 

– Today’s Country, Old Country, Texas country                          – Both

                 Pizza or Chinese Food? 

– Chinese or Thai food                                                                      – Chinese or Thai food

             Dessert or Appetizer? 

– Dessert as an appetizer 😋                                                             – App

            Coffee or Alcohol? 

– AM: Coffee | PM: Beer                                                                    – Bud Light

              Antiquing or Walking Through IKEA? 

– Antiquing and or thrifting                                                             – Neither

                  Toilet Paper Roll Over or Under? 

– Over                                                                                                     – Over

              Vols or Titans? 

– I bleed ORANGE! Go Vols!                                                                – Vols

           Weekend Trip to Nashville or Gatlinburg? 

– Gatlinburg in Winter, Nashville in Summer!                              – Cabin in Gatlinburg

            Music or Podcasts? 

– Music                                                                                                      – Music

                   What’s Worse: Laundry or Dishes? 

– Dishes                                                                                                     – Laundry

               Scary Movie or Rom Com? 

– Eh, Rom Com – if those are really the only options, lol!               – Ehhhh Rom Com







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