Wallpics Brings Your Gram to Life…

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love taking pictures. It might even be an addiction (the first step is admitting, I know). With over 3K pics on my gram, there are constantly moments I want to remember and showcase somewhere other than the digital space but it always seems like so much work.

  • Pick the photo
  • Go to a drugstore with it on a USB
  • Print the photo
  • Pick a frame
  • Frame the photo
  • Find a place to hang it
  • Get a hammer….

You get the picture. 

With Wallpics though, it is so easy to showcase your favorite moments. Seriously it’s almost bad how easy it is because our walls are about to look like my Instagram feed and I don’t know if my boyfriend is ready for that!


  • Go to their website
  • Drag and drop your photo
  • Pay
  • Wait a few days
  • Peel
  • Place


It really is that easy.

3 Wallpics are $29 with any additional Wallpic being $9. They’re all 8×8 making them perfect to unify when decorating and add onto. Not to mention, free shipping with every order.

Once you buy them, hang them & love them – tag @my_wallpics on Instagram to get yours featured on their feed. They love spreading the joy their products give their users.

To speed up the process even more, you can order from their app… as if you need another excuse to not put down your phone right?

My boyfriend is used to helping me hang things around the house so naturally when I told him we FINALLY had family pics to put up, he was there with his picture hanging kit and hammer in hand (he’s the sweetest) until he realized I could do it all on my own in about 2 minutes. I am seriously so impressed with Wallpics and love the element of personality they added to our dining room.



All photos, even ones taken on a cell phone are great quality and colors are vivid and eye-catching. The high-quality foam they’re printed on is tough and durable, making canvas prints look out of style. They photo finish is smooth and glossy and the best part is, you can remove and rearrange as much as you want!

No more excuses. We might live in a digital age, but sometimes we want tangible things! Wallpics allows you to have the best of both worlds without breaking the bank and that is very much appreciated.



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