Brew at the Zoo | 2018 Review

You might remember last year’s Brew at the Zoo review; well this one was ten times better because Mom was in town and she was Livewell’s Latest photographer!! This year was all about exploring the places each vendor came from, eating our way through “food truck row” and of course… zip lining… because what would life be without a little bit of uncomfortable adventure.

As media, the zoo always does an amazing job of accommodating me every year and making sure I get the best treatment entering the festival, which I never overlook and always appreciate. This year seemed just as packed as others, but much more enjoyable because it wasn’t too hot, nor was it raining (something Mother Nature liked to drop on us the last two years in a row).

If you’re a Nashville local, or just happen to be in town during the next Brew at the Zoo, I highly recommend you add it to your calendar. What beats a Summer night with countless samplings of cold brews and hot sandwiches surrounded by beautiful animals and music? Literally nothing.

See a slideshow of our night below:

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