Smile Brilliant Review + GIVEAWAY

Everybody wants to smile brilliant and fearlessly, but sometimes that measures you’re told to take to get there seem daunting, expensive, or even scary. Smile Brilliant fixes all of that by being a jack-of-all-trades toothbrush for the masses that delivers real results. You can browse their website HERE – keep reading to see how you can WIN ONE.

In a list of my Fall favorites for 2018, this magical electric toothbrush is at the top. I noticed a whiter smile after just TWO DAYS of brushing with this bad boy and it didn’t stop there. Now, one week in, I am completely obsessed with brushing my teeth because it genuinely feels like I just left the dentist’s office every time I finish. You can use code LIVEWELLSLATEST20 for 20% off yours today.

LIVEWELLSLATEST20 for 20% off!

I had never used an electric toothbrush before this point, so I was actually nervous to give it a go (I’m a creature of habit if you don’t know), but I was happily surprised after my initial brushing. Here’s a few things I noticed the first week;

peep my weak old toothbrush looking salty in the back…
  • Smoother teeth; actually felt like everything was brushed away and that’s something I never knew I was missing
  • Better breath; morning breath is almost non-existent in the morning when I wake up from just brushing regularly the night before
  • Whiter teeth; my teeth have gotten at least two shades whiter than they were 7 days ago

The main thing for me has been the whiteness. I wish this toothbrush came into my life 7 years ago when I was obsessed with trying to use whitening strips to achieve the smile I wanted. All I ended up with was extreme sensitivity and a lot of wasted money.

Speaking of sensitivity, there’s a setting for that on this toothbrush that really gives me my ideal clean without being too harsh or extra – ain’t nobody got time for that. There are settings for massage, sensitivity, whitening and more. You can check out all of the FAQs, or feel free to comment below if you want to know more!

NOW THE BIG NEWS!!!! Exclusively for my readers, you can enter for your chance to win one of these magic wands… sorry… toothbrushes right now by clicking HERE – no risk, no obligation, just a over $100 value FREE for following my blog and being you. Because I love ya and you deserve it.

HAPPY BRUSHING – I know I will…




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