A Nashville Girl’s Guide To Autumn

It finally feels like Fall in Nashville! The weather is below 78 degrees, the trees are rustling, a few leaves are on the ground and when you’re outside at night you can smell bonfires in the air. I’ve always been a big believer in seasons affecting people’s moods and there’s something about the first day you can feel Fall in the air where people smile more, hold doors open, and plan things to do with the people they love.

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I’ve been gearing up for this day for a while. I ran some polls to see what kind of Fall posts you all would prefer most and got more votes than any other polls I’ve ever ran. That tells me you all are just as excited as I am! This isn’t my typical blog post because it features everything you’ll need for a perfect Fall weekend instead of multiple different posts you have to bookmark and save.

Start with my “chasing autumn” playlist (part of my mood beaters series):

If you’re a Nashville local – here’s a few places to take the most amazing fall walks while you listen:

  • Edwin Warner Park
  • Radnor Lake State Park
  • McCabe Trailhead

**for an enhancement, download the lime bike app and search for a scooter nearby. Listening to this playlist while you ride 15 mph through these trails is the most relaxing thing ever (okay, maybe not ever… but it’s close).

A lot of you let me know you far prefer pumpkin patches over apple orchards, which is great because apple season in Tennessee is actually in July and who wants to sweat their skin off picking apples that time of year. The best pumpkin patches in Nashville? I’ve got you:

  • Gentry’s Farm
  • Lucky Ladd
  • Honeysuckle Hill

When you get home from your fall adventures, turn on Hocus Pocus (or Halloweentown, but Hocus Pocus won by poll with a whopping 60% so…) and pre-heat the oven to 350. Here’s an amazing cookie recipe for Spiced Cappuccino Kiss Cookies – because you’re wish is my command – that will give you a jolt of energy too (if you’re not already on a crazy high from all the Fall festivities).


If you’re more of a pumpkin person (who isn’t this time of year?!) these pumpkin chip cookies are my FAVORITE. 


Now 93% of you said on Instagram that you’d read this post & do the things. If you get out there and take a walk, drive around listening to the playlist, pick pumpkins, watch a fall flick or bake these amazing cookies – I wanna hear about it! Tell me what your ideal Fall weekend would be in the comments below! I hope this post gets you in the mood to cozy up in a big sweater under a warm blanket out by a fire with a cup of chai tea latte in hand.

2 thoughts on “A Nashville Girl’s Guide To Autumn

  1. My ideal fall weekend would be to go on a hayride with my baby girl (aka the writer of this blog) her fiancée, her little brother and her dad! We would pick apples and come home to a bonfire and s’mores and hot apple cider.

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