Nelly’s Organics

Have you ever been on a lifestyle change? Not a diet, but a true, lifestyle change? Kyle and I have tried quite a few times in the past, but once we got engaged we were so much more conscious about not only losing weight and getting healthy, but doing it in a long-lasting way. A big part of that was changing our eating habits and almost everything we get is whole and organic now… even our candy bars.

I was so excited when Nelly’s Organics reached out to me on Instagram and even more excited when they sent a sample box our way! These bars have to be refrigerated and I want to point out how amazing the packaging was when it got to us. Packed with freezer packs and insulation, the bars were in our package lockers for 24 hours and still cool when I picked them up!


The company was dedicated to the owner’s mother and made off of the desire to make a candy bar that was a better choice than store bought. I love that I can pronounce and know all of the ingredients in these bars. All products are gluten & wheat free – so all my friends with food allergies, fear no more! **scroll over the pics for details…

My absolute favorite bars are the coconut & double chocolate (I’m eating a double chocolate with a glass of white wine as I write this). I cannot say enough good things about this company or the people who run it! You can find a store near you that carries the bars HERE or order online.

Hope you feel as good about your new chocolate fix as I do!

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