Therabox Will Warm Your Soul This Winter

If you regularly follow my blog, or know me in real life, than you know I’m completely obsessed with affordable box subscriptions! As someone who loves beauty, but claims to know nothing about it, I love that curated items are sent my way and in addition to be cute (and usually just what I need), I learn what’s on trend and “hip” (as the kids say these days).

In a hunt for my next box to review, I got in contact with Therabox who were awesome enough to send a box my way and let me tell you I am in love! This is the ultimate self care box that is hand-curated by therapists. The idea of their box is to promote self love and as I always refer to it in my Instagram preachings, “me time.”


Directly from their mouth to your ears:

Each box is curated by therapists and includes a happiness activity inspired by neuroscience & positive psychology research in addition to full sized wellness items for the mind, body and soul!

Possibly my favorite part of this subscription service is that you can purchase, or re-purchase the products that come in their monthly boxes individually in their Happy Shoppe! 

Here’s a preview of some of the amazing goodies that came in my box this month!


Some of the highlights were a gratitude jar that I keep on my desk at work permanently now and love writing what I’m grateful for each day, “thank you” postcards to send to family & friends just because, and last but certainly not least; Moni’s Coconut Scrub!! This thing is a miracle and I don’t know how I’ve existed this long without it in my daily routine.

Because I want you all to treat yoself, you can use code: LIVEWELL10 for 10% off your order! With all the craziness of the holidays approaching, now’s the time to take care of YOU.

On a scale of 1 to Well Worth It... What did you think?

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