TTM Lifestyle: Part II


It’s been a while since I’ve done a clothing review, so I was beyond excited when I was given the chance to team up with Things That Matter again. You might remember my review from last year, which you can read again HERE if you just can’t get enough, but in the same way my blog has elevated since then… so have the amazing styles & threads this brand has to show-off!

You can use code LIVEWELL right now for 10% off your order at (inspiration on what to get to follow…)


You might remember in my previous interview with The McKinney’s, Taylor mentioning a brief version of the story behind the mission of TTM:

Things That Matter is for everybody and our brand message is simple,” Taylor explained when we first chatted. “We want you to continue to chase after the Things That Matter in your life. Whether it be something as big as earning a million dollars in a year or as small as spending time with your loved ones, we want you to achieve and enjoy the Things That Matter.”

For me, there is no better time to focus on that than around Thanksgiving where you have time to be with family & friends and express how grateful you are for them. What I love about this brand is that they help you to focus on it all year around; every time I put on a piece of clothing from TTM I take a beat and think about what’s important that day; the things that actually matter.

Cozied up in their new heather grey joggers and flowy muscle tee in teal 

I also love that you can join their community of “dream chasers” through a Facebook group and just talk with other passionate people about good things – it’s seriously like the 2018 version of Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Find out more about how to get involved HERE. 

The outfit pictured above is hands down one of the most comfortable sets I’ve ever worn. Perfect for the holidays where you’re inside a lot and just lounging around. The best part is, it’s also cute enough to throw on a necklace and pop a cute scrunchie in your hair so the world thinks you have your life together (even if you feel like you definitely don’t).

On our recent road trip from Nashville to Wisconsin and back again, TTM’s Vader Thermal Hoodie was the best possible option. It’s easy to layer under other things when you’re in Wisconsin and it’s 26 degrees and snowing, and slowly turn it into it’s own outfit and roll up the sleeves when you get home to Nash and it’s 60 out.

Vader Thermal in black

Basically what I’m saying is I’m passionate about this company, their amazing clothes and their willingness to do good and support those who want to do the same. I only share things I love on this site, so the fact that I’ve shared them twice speaks volumes. Remember, for a limited time you can use code: LIVEWELL for 10% off your order and they’ve always got amazing things happening, so be sure to follow them on socials so you don’t miss a beat. Also follow me this holiday season as I’ll be featuring more of my fav styles from their recent collections (big perk is they have clothes for men, women & kids alike – so I know where I’ll be getting the stud below some Christmas gifts from… just giving y’all ideas ya know…)



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