It’s no secret – I LOVE Wish You Were Northwest! You probably remember my review last year on their adorable tee & beanie, but now they’ve totally changed the game with this lightweight bomber jacket that’s become my new obsession. While I’m not the most spontaneous person in the world, I have to say that wearing it definitely makes me want to be!



Tahnee & Tory grew up outside of Seattle in a woodsy area, so everything they make is reminiscent of long-drives, exploring & home. On top of the amazing clothes they create, they’re also just amazing people. Follow them on Instagram to keep up with their constant adventures & to really just see some amazing content: Tahnne | Tori |!

You can use code LIVEWELL right now at www.wishyouwerenorthwest.com for 20% off your order!!! They still have the classics that I highlighted in my last review:


But also some upgrades like my new fav jacket (I had way too much fun posing while “spontaneously” deciding to get a snack at work)!


They are perfect to gift for your best friends, your sister, your mom… literally anyone in your life who loves being cozy & stylish at the same time!

Remember to use code LIVEWELL for 20% off your order & tag @slivewell & @wishyouwerenorthwest on Instagram so we can give you a like!


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