The Unwind Collection

WARNING: do not use these products on an empty stomach. No they aren’t edible, but they smell so good they’re going to make you want to eat everything in the house.

The Unwind Collection was developed by best friends Breanna & Bethany as more of a hobby to escape the regularity of everyday life. Breanna has dedicated her life to caring for children in a hospital’s emergency department, while Bethany is a mother that helps run a commercial land maintenance company. All of that being said, they know the importance of taking time for yourself to… unwind. The Unwind Collection is a mixture of all of the things they use to relieve stress & relax – something we could all use an ample dose of this time of year.

I am so excited to partner with them & offer you a discount code to finish up your holiday shopping the way a real champ should. You can use code “SHANNON” right now for 15% off your order AND all domestic orders over $40.00 get free shipping.


Here’s a snapshot of the adorable package I received from Bethany & Breanna! I am OBSESSED with the body scrub. The hot & cold weather of Nashville this time of year is enough to turn your skin into that of a raisin if you let it – but this product has been my saving grace. The best part is, you can use it sparingly so a little goes a long way!

The coffee house melts are enough to turn a rainy Nashville Saturday afternoon into a day in a small town coffeehouse in Seattle and honestly, that’s what this company is all about. Forcing you to take little moments for yourself in revel in them. My current situation:


You can follow them on Instagram for cute packaging ideas, new products & also tips and tricks for getting them most out of what you buy: @theunwindcollection.

Whether you need to finish your Christmas shopping for your bff, your mom, your sister, or YOURSELF. This will be your one-stop-shop for all things peaceful, setting the perfect tone for your “me time” I’m always harping about. You know the saying, if you’re on a plane & the oxygen masks deploy make sure you do your own before helping others? The Unwind Collection is the self-care equivalent.



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