Valentine’s in Nashville: Chocolate Edition


They say nine out of ten people like chocolate. And the tenth person is lying. In all seriousness though, chocolate is nature’s way of making up for Mondays. It’s delicious and versatile and the perfect way to treat yourself or show someone you’re thinking of them. There are a lot of places to get chocolate in Nashville, but I’d venture to say none of them compare to the taste or experience of Colts Chocolate. Colts have been in production since ’84 and residing at their retail space in the Gulch since ’90 (“when it was actually ‘the gulch;” – in the words of Kate who gave Kyle & I our tour today).


The thing we love most about Nashville is we’re always learning something new about this city. We’ve spent four Valentine’s Days here so far and had never experienced Colts during this time of year – that’s why I was beyond excited to collaborate with them and review our experience here! (Keep reading because you know there’s a discount code to come)… Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays because it’s a chance to really celebrate love. It honestly looked like Cupid’s Bachelor Pad as soon as we walked in Colts & I couldn’t get enough of it. If I had my way, our living room would look just like it.



If you live in Nashville, you’ve likely eaten Colts desserts or chocolates at one of your favorite restaurants like Edley’s or Amerigo. You might think that’s impressive in itself, but Colts has also shipped to Adam Sandler, Robert Redford, Priscilla Presley, Joan Rivers, Dick Clark, Tipper Gore, Ethel Kennedy, and even President and Mrs. Bush (IDK about you, but I think this chocolate must be something special if it made it’s way to the White House).

While they currently don’t do any formal chocolate making classes, they’re always down to do private tours. You can contact them HERE or visit them on socials to set something up. That’s what we did today and I highly suggest it!




As you know, we’re planning our wedding & while chatting with Kate there were so many ideas coming to our mind about how we could incorporate chocolates on our special day. If you’re in the midst of planning to, I highly suggest chatting with them about some options (we all know it’s not just about the cake anymore). This would also be a super fun place for bachelorette parties to come & tour (classes just may be on the horizon as well). Imagine taking a chocolate making class with your bridesmaids & using what you make as the favors for your wedding?! Anyone else jumping out of their seats? Just me. Okay…


We tried SO much food (today was definitely a cheat day) including pecan pie, apple cake, whiskey caramel brownies & colts bolts!) HINT: you can order the brownies & bolts online HERE. I think my favorite thing though was the salted caramel gooey butter bites. They’re everything they sound like and more. Promise. If you want to place an order online, or visit the store, you can use coupon code: VAL15 for 15% off your order. That’s like an extra gooey bite & a half I think.


They also have an amazing deal right now where you can buy any decorative Valentine’s Day box for $2 and fill it with as many candies as you can fit! It’s the cutest way to customize something for your partner and fill it with things you know they’ll love instead of buying a Forrest Gump box of chocolates if you know what I mean.




If you’re living in Nashville, visiting Nashville, or simply dreaming about Nashville – add Colts to your list. It is the cutest spot to hit up on a walk around the Gulch, or do something a bit more planned for a date tour & amazing samples. You’ll leave a little heavier, but a whole lot happier! If you’re single, I want you to remember to treat yourself! Send a couple chocolates to your Galentines. Literally everyone will love anything that comes out of Colts so you can’t go wrong. Remember to use code VAL15 while you can! I’ve got your back like Colts has got the calories we’ve all been waiting for.



Here’s a peak at some of the goodies we brought home (and as you can tell by Bailey’s reaction, they smell just as good as they look when you get them back to the house).



**All pictures in this post were edited with @merrittellaine’s (on Instagram) presets. You can get them for Lightroom Mobile HERE. 

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