Three Things No One Tells You That Happen After Your Wedding Day

If you’re reading the title you might be confused/ looking at a calendar and thinking “there’s no way her wedding happened already!” You would be right. For the first time ever, Livewell’s Latest has a guest writer that I could not be more excited about! One of my best friends in Nashville, Bekah Digby is recently married & has been my go-to, to talk all things wedding, all the time.

I’ve wanted to have a a guest feature for a while now. One day, I was saying how excited I am for the all of the wedding planning we have coming up and Bekah made a comment that made me think this would be the best way to kick-off the series. All will be revealed in her post and honestly, I’m so happy to have had this post to read prior to our wedding day. Get the scoop (and see her drop dead gorgeous wedding photos) below. If you’re getting married, let us know in the comments if this helped your expectations in some way. If you’re already married, can you relate?

All photography is by the amazing Cannon Wedding Photography. 

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The “Big Day” is finally over. It’s come and gone so quickly you can hardly believe it really even happened. Your wedding day was magical. It was the best six hours of your life, spent with all the people you love most. And to top it off, you just spent a week on the most romantic honeymoon with your new husband. How can life get any better?!

What people often don’t mention is the post-wedding reality of adapting to “normal life” once you return home. When you’re on such a high from your wedding day and all the festivities surrounding it, it’s hard to come back down to earth once it’s over. The special attention you’d been getting starts to fade, and, frankly, you’re pretty upset that you can no longer pull the “bride card” at any given moment. I never knew post-wedding blues was a thing, but it definitely is. 

Another thing I was surprised by was how difficult it was to find time for just the two of us to have alone together. On our honeymoon, we spent a full week together in paradise with no phones, nothing to do, and not a worry in the world — it was amazing. Coming home, going back to work, and having completely opposite schedules was a hard adjustment. Life gets busy and pulls you in different directions at times. We decided to plan an intentional date night every week to have time to fully be with one another, without any distractions. It makes all the difference.

One last realization I had is that your wedding day is often believed to be your peak in life. Crazy fads, crash diets and beauty prep for the wedding fuel this belief that your wedding is, in fact, the “end goal”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, your wedding will be an extraordinarily special day that you will cherish forever. But there will also be so many more things to look forward to AFTER the wedding day. This is the start of your new life together. Your wedding doesn’t signify the end of this chapter, it symbolizes the beginning.


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