Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself

Wow. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! Livewell’s Latest turns FIVE today!! Five years of blogging, sharing my life, interviewing artists, featuring my favorite products & recipes, the list goes on…

I’ve watched a lot of bloggers do this where every so often they re-introduce themselves to new followers and readers and honestly I’ve never felt like it was necessary. This past year however, we grew three times more than the year before so I think it’s time to help all of you amazing newbies feel connected and in-the-know. Who knows, even if you’re a consistent follower and have loved Livewell’s Latest from the time it was a newspaper column in Connecticut, you might learn something new!
I’m Shannon – I started Livewell’s Latest as a newspaper column while I lived in Connecticut for college. I graduated undergrad in three years with a duel degree in music industry and business management. The Summer of my junior year, I interned in Nashville and fell in love with the city. I went back to Connecticut, graduated, then completed a one year M.B.A. in marketing. Following grad school, I moved right back to Nashville.
Connecticut brought me another awesome prize besides my degree – my sophomore year of college I met my now FIANCÉ, Kyle. He’s in music too and we’re down here in the 615 just Beyoncé and HOVing the music game. We’ve been together for 6 and a half years and we get married this year!! We’ve been busy planning our wedding and raising our little pup, Bailey.
Obviously loving social media and the connection it brings people, I started working in the field of digital marketing for artists. I’ve ran socials for over 120 artists/brands since I’ve moved to Nash (4 years ago). I currently work for a record label as a digital marketing manager. I love connecting fans to music in the most organic ways. In my “free time” (whatever that is), I love to cook & bake (yes, I do both), play tennis, journal, take photos and organize things.

In addition to my full time gig as a digital marketing manager, I run and am the sole writer (this year featured my first guest writer, though) for Livewell’s Latest, work part time for a wedding planner working day-of weddings on the weekend & freelance write bios on Fiverr. If you can’t tell already, I love staying busy and any free time I do have is spent planning the next thing I want to work on, person I want to see, or place I want to go.
I’m a huge family person and pride myself on staying super connected with my family and friends even though we’re all over the map. I think there’s so much to be said about being intentional and showing that you’re thinking of someone. I try to be the friend I want others to be to me. I love volunteering when I can – Kyle and I spent the last year sponsoring a boy named Wishmore in Zimbabwe and it was the best feeling to know we were making an impact in his life.

My blog has come a long way in the past couple of years, partnering with brands now for a total reach in 2018 of over 1M impressions! It’s crazy. I remember rushing home from class one day my sophomore year of college to come up with a name for my newspaper column where I was approved to review things in Connecticut and interview artists when they came to play in town. SO many email pitches later and I’ve interviewed Martina McBride, Hinder & a couple of Food Network Stars. I’ve partnered with brands I admire so much like The Escape Game, Jord Watches, Smile Brilliant, Wish You Were Northwest & Things That Matter. I’ve made amazing lifelong friends from the partnerships I’ve done and I can’t wait to see what this new year will bring!
I love to sing & write songs – my voice memo app is practically full from car rides to and from work and weird lyrics or melodies that pop into my head. I’m a girly-girl, but a bargain hunter; I love to ball on a budget. My passion for coffee has grown to an entirely new level in the past couple of years. We started a wedding diet this past year that has morphed into an overall lifestyle change and it’s made such a positive impact on my energy level. I’m a hopeless romantic who’s also addicted to true crime (any other murderino’s out there?) Enneagram type 2, I care a lot about everyone else’s needs before my own and I strive to make sure anyone who is remotely counting on me feels like I’ve not only came through, but did so to an exceptional level. I love old school RnB, but have recently been obsessed with Dermot Kennedy & Chelsea Cutler. Don’t worry I’ll pause while you Google…
I’ve never met a stranger. I’m empathetic to a fault. I’m terrified of birds. Obsessed with buffalo chicken and pineapple pizza. If you’re new here, thank you for stopping by – now it’s your turn!


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