A Snapshot Into The Kodak Plus PRINTOMATIC

I’ve always been a fan of Kodak. A staple brand throughout our childhoods, it’s impossible to hear the word Kodak and not get a nostalgic feeling. That being said, I was so excited when I started talking to the team at Kodak Photo Plus about a collaboration. They wanted to send me their Kodak PRINTOMATIC – an instant print camera that automatically prints high-quality photos on demand.


I was intrigued most about the option for full color and black & white photos, along with point-and-shoot ease; something my old instant print camera didn’t have! It uses KODAK ZINK Photo Paper, so no ink cartridges (can I get an “Amen”?!) Once the photo prints, the zink paper is water-proof and sticker backed (below is a fun way I’ve been featuring that in our wedding planning). I also stumbled across the fact that there’s such a speed to the camera, you can take another photo while the one prior to it is printing!

If you follow me here or on socials, you’re going to see a lot of this little guy in the coming weeks… I might just be GIVING ONE AWAY soon… But for now, here’s some helpful tips and tricks to owning your own;

The back opens on a hinged spine – be easy with it, it’s not a full flat lay!
Always make sure you use the blue sheet first to calibrate your colors and step up your print game (it’s the first thing in your pack of zink photo paper)
When taking a photo, make sure everything you want in the print is within the “square” when you look through the view finder.
The photo will print facing you when you’re holding the camera – you’ll hear a faint beep to know it was captured…
Selfies work great too… I would have the tallest person in the photo hold the camera to be safe – we learned since the taking of this photo.
We took the photos in a multitude of environments on this date day and I loved them just as much inside as I did outside, which I can’t say for any other instant print camera I’ve owned.
Moody black & white diner shots are a must-have with this one. I love the retro feel they give AND that even though they’re black & white, you can still make out all of the details. To switch to black and white, you toggle the switch on top of the camera to reveal all of the gray dots instead of the multi-colored ones.

You know I review a lot of products and a good portion of them have been camera and film related, but this is by far my favorite instant print camera I own. It’s compact. Light weight. Fashionable (not completely important, but I care). Fast. Clean. And great quality. It works in all kinds of environments, has multi settings AND a spot for an SD card (I didn’t even know that was a thing).  Probably the most important part, it retails for $69.99, which is really just two weeks without daily Starbucks runs.

I highly recommend this camera! Stay tuned for a Nashville date day featuring some fun shots & places Kyle and I explored with our PRINTOMATIC, as well as a chance to get your own (FOR FREE).




2 thoughts on “A Snapshot Into The Kodak Plus PRINTOMATIC

  1. It looks like so much fun. Getting your pictures right after taking them is so neat. Plus you can make sure it’s a good one before walking away. And they’re perfect size photos for a great collage.

    1. It really was!! The instantaneous portion of it is so nice, especially during a date day or something where you normally won’t print pics after like a vacation. I love using them in my daily journal too. It makes me want to keep it more once I finish the last page because it’s more of a memory book!

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