Staycation at the Hotel Preston

We always say we’re going to do it; a trip away from home, while still being home. A break from reality. A chance to unplug with the one you love or a group of friends and literally play tourist in your own city. The problem is, when your city is an awesome place to be and a sought after destination for most tourists anyway, you decide against breaking the bank to stay a night in your own backyard. That’s where Hotel Preston comes in.


Kyle and I got to do exactly what we’ve always wanted to and have never done before this past weekend and have a true staycation in Nashville when Hotel Preston asked me to collaborate with them. It was AMAZING and everything we needed to recharge from all of our career, side gigs, workout regimens, meal prep & wedding planning (my head starts spinning when I list it all out)!

We wanted to make sure we had a full day at the hotel so we called prior to and requested an early check in, which was super easy to make happen and the main line we called was extremely attentive. The check in process was just as effortless. Everything was ready in an envelope with my name on it when we got there and inside was not only our room cards, but drink tokens for the downstairs bar, free breakfast vouchers & a handwritten note thanking us for our stay.


Our king suite on the tenth floor was spotless and luxurious. We walked in to an awesome neon sign and duel-stool vanity with a tray of goodies and another handwritten note they were gifting to us for our stay. The tray included a lot of Nashville local snacks like Goo Goo Clusters and Colts Chocolates, which you might remember from my Valentine’s Day chocolate tour review. 

**above shotes courtesy of Becca Cannon of Cannon Wedding Photography

IMG_7627 2

They had some elevator issues during our stay there where we had to walk to another floor below us to take the elevator down to one (I think this had a lot to do with the construction going on at the present time and all of the remodeling – honestly it would be my only complaint).

**above shotes courtesy of Becca Cannon of Cannon Wedding Photography

We explored The Nations on Saturday, an area of town we normally don’t hang out in that’s really growing as we speak. We wanted to get back to the hotel early enough to binge as many movies as possible. We were back by 5, in our Hotel Preston robes by 5:15 and watching HBO movies (included with the room). The rest of the night we explored a bit of the hotel (just to take a break in between movies) and walked through their newly instated art gallery (you can walk through a full tour of that on my P R E S T O N Instagram Story highlight). We ended the night by order Chinese takeout and watching movies until we fell asleep overlooking the Nashville skyline.


I have nothing but great things to say about Hotel Preston and their accommodations. They are dog friendly (although we didn’t know before setting up the room for this collab, or we would have totally brought Bailey). They have a full-service lobby, with dog treats & refreshments, a small lounge, a restaurant open for every meal, an art gallery, a gym, a bar/lounge, a patio & pool. You can’t beat the price and how close you are to downtown! Literally right off the exit.


Some pictures say a thousand words, but I don’t think all of these have to to get their point across. If you’re coming from out of town and looking for an inexpensive stay close to downtown with a lot of amenities this is the place for you. It’s also the place for you if you’re a Nashville local and you and your fiancé have been running at 1,000 mph for the past couple of weeks with daily life and wedding planning! We turned our phones on airplane mode, enjoyed the new scenery & reveled in the fact that we felt like bougie tourists in our own city.

**above shotes courtesy of Becca Cannon of Cannon Wedding Photography

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