Something Old, Something New

There are some parts of the wedding planning process that are unforgettable. It’s not picking the plates or silverware. It’s not the budget sheets. Don’t get me wrong, all of that is great (enneagram type two, here!) But it’s the special moments that you and your fiancé share when you have the opportunity to create something together, that matter the most.

I have to say great vendors make all the difference and we have hit the mother-load on that front. When you’re working with people who care you suddenly have a lot more fun. It’s even more priceless when you’re working towards a timeless piece you’ll have forever. We’ve had a few experiences like this throughout the planning process, but this one takes the cake for me.

Wedding bands were scary for us! We didn’t know where to start. Both of us are careful people and over-thinkers. The idea of going to a store, looking in a case, committing to something that will be on our hands forever and leaving to go have eggs and pancakes seemed impossible (not the eggs and pancakes part). American Jewelry saw that and raised us the option to create our own bands from scratch. WHAT. I know… Keep reading…

Let me tell you the biggest lie someone says when you’re planning your wedding; custom is always so expensive! LIES. Custom is catered to you. It’s done in the size, quantity, amount of money you can afford, etc. Custom doesn’t mean expensive, it means thoughtful. This is something I had to learn as we continued our planning process. When it came to custom wedding bands, we were all in because we had already learned what we could do if we put in a little more work and effort with our vendors to get exactly what we want.

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…” This saying was always daunting to me.

What’s the difference between “old” and “borrowed”? Isn’t my wedding dress “new”? I don’t really like the color “blue”… you feel me?

After our initial meeting with American Jewelry where we chatted through some different ring options I kept repeating this saying in my head. I thought it would be so cool to incorporate something old and something new all into one piece. A piece I wouldn’t just have on my wedding day, but forever after. We were cleaning the house and as I was dusting I came across my ring dish on my dresser. In there was a ring my Grandmother gave me a few Christmases before she passed away. At the time, she knew I loved rings (I wore them on every finger) and when I asked her why she got me such an expensive gift she said “I just thought you needed it.” She told me “every time it shines I’m thinking of you.”


I always did need it. I wore it through high school & proms. I wore during every tennis match I played. I wore it when I moved away for college; I especially took note of it shining every day when I wasn’t in the same state as her anymore. I never took it off! I was wearing it the first day I met Kyle and the day he proposed. But then, my OCD kicked in… I couldn’t wear my rose gold engagement ring with a silver ring on my other hand. Couldn’t do it. So into the ring dish it went.

“Something old, something new.” I decided to talk to American Jewelry about how we could incorporate this ring I had from my Grandmom into my wedding band. We gave them our budget, the design and style I was wanting, etc. My favorite thing about them was feeling like they weren’t just another jewelry store and we weren’t just another client. Taylor was amazing to work with and she would text me for hours with different options and design ideas; even on the weekends! Kyle and I were in their shop more in a couple of months than we were the grocery store; not because we had to be, but because the process was that much fun and they let us be as involved as we wanted to.

I could not be more ecstatic about working with American Jewelry or the band that I get to wear on my finger in a few short months. We designed Kyle’s through them as well and it’s everything he wanted and more. Not only did we get wedding bands that are exactly what we wanted, that no one else will ever have and that mean a lot to us; we saved hundreds of dollars by working with them on different options to have our bands fit in our budget and exceed our expectations. We decided to keep the finished product a surprise for now, but I’ll have a follow up post-wedding sharing the breathtaking work they did that I could not be more grateful for. We felt like we not only got the bands we had always wanted working with American Jewelry, but gained friends in the process.

You can follow them on Instagram HERE to check out all of their amazing revamps and custom pieces. If you’re in the Nashville area, I highly suggest popping into one of their stores in Brentwood or Mt.Juliet. You will instantly feel like family and leave knowing that you’re going to get exactly what you went in for (probably something even better if I had to guess).

Unlike other jewelry stores they don’t try to sell you on the priciest item or blind you with fluorescent lights that make every diamond seem brighter than it is. There store is warm and welcoming just like they are; they’ve even got a big screen tv for the guys! They are by far the best find we uncovered during our wedding planning process and I needed to brag on them! As our gift to you, you can use code TAKE15 online, over the phone, or in store for 15% off of any in-stock items! It’s wedding season and we’re more than halfway to Christmas, so get moving!







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