My Nash Bach

My bachelorette weekend was one for the books. It was everything I could have wanted or hoped for and I have my amazing bridesmaids to thank for that! Because my friends are all over the map, I decided I wanted to have them all in my city for the weekend. I knew it would be amazing to have all of them in one place that I now call home. Enter: Nashville Bachelorette Weekend. 6 of my 8 bridesmaids were able to make it out to Nash for the weekend so we found a super awesome AirBnB in 12 South (it’s a little hard to do with parties much smaller than 6; for splitting costs, and larger than 6; for finding enough beds), so our little group lucked out – especially during Labor Day Weekend!

Best thing I can suggest when planning your Bachelorette is to think about a time when the least amount of people will have to miss work. Doing it over a holiday weekend can work great for everyone and ensure most of your bridesmaids will be able to make it (since they’re likely already taking off work a day or two for the wedding). As long as you book lodging enough in advance for a holiday weekend you’ll be golden. We booked our AirBnB 6 months out! 

First things first, PACKING. 


I started thinking about 4 months out what kind of outfits I wanted to wear for each day of the Bach.

If a lot of things are going to be a surprise, I suggest asking your MOH what sort of things you should pack (more dresses than shorts, a bathing suit, etc).

We did themed FRIENDS shirts, so the first thing I packed was my “bride” shirt. Second, I knew we were going on a boat one of the days so I searched high and low for the perfect white bathing suit (keep scrolling for pics). I tried suits from Venus and Albion and NOTHING topped what I finally found on Amazon. It’s no secret I’m a big Amazon shopper, but this find really took the cake. I got my white coverup from there too! The other main outfits were something white to wear for our night on Broadway; chose a white romper from VICI that was on final sale for $20! VICI is very true to size. I’m usually always a medium no matter what. Finally, I wanted cute PJ’s for our sleepover night – I got the pink and white silk set from ASOS for $20 using the Honey chrome extension app!


I was OBSESSED with how cute our AirBnB was when I got there Saturday morning (shout out to my Matron of Honor for decorating). It was absolutely perfect!


After stopping by the AirBnb and freshening up, we went to Brunch at Biscuit Love in the Gulch.

The line will always look intimidating, but since you order at the counter, it speeds things up once you get inside! They also have something for everyone and it’s a cool spot to take turns walking around while others wait in line.

Then we went to Arrington Vineyards. It’s a hidden gem about 45 minutes outside of Nashville but they have $13 wine flights and live music! It was a great way to spend the afternoon and have some time catching up.

We went out that night to Cabana’s which is a great spot for Bach parties to get some privacy. You can sit in your own cabana, have an aux chord to play your own music and the menu options are perfect for a big group. Then it was Broadway for a bit to play tourist in my own city, which was so fun and honestly we got an overwhelming amount of “congrats” and kindness, which didn’t seem right being a local and knowing how Bach parties are normally treated ha!



The next day was our boat day and I need to give a HUGE shout out to Captain Russ, Captain Scott, Desiree & Rivership Cruises as a whole. Rivership is a boat rental company in Nash that truly is as all-inclusive as you can get (trust me, I did the research). We partnered with them so I could scope them out for you all on here and they were really a peg above the rest.

They picked us up in a party bus at the AirBnb and dropped us back off after as well. The boat was a double decker with an indoor kitchen and bathroom to keep all drinks and food cold. They had a woman on deck who would bring us cold drinks, keep refilling ice, bring our snacks up to the top deck and overall just make sure were having a great time. We docked where we wanted, took floats out into the lake and had the best day! I would 10/10 recommend Rivership Cruises to every Summer Bachelorette party in Nash. It’s the most relaxing way to fill up a day and have time to catch up with each other.


One of my favorite things we did for the bach party was have a sleepover night equipped with music, games and brownies. Because my bridesmaids are my friends from all different walks of life, it felt so nice to have down time and laughs with all of them in one place.

I would highly recommend a night like this to any bride who is long distance with a portion of her friends. It was really great for my soul and made me so happy!



Relax and enjoy the weekend. These are your BEST friends. The real MVPs in your life. They are taking time out of their schedules and adulting to make this weekend perfect for you and that in itself is the most special gift.

I have always felt so lucky and grateful for the friends I have in my life, but I was practically exploding after such an amazing weekend with all of them in one place. with all the wedding planning stress, a weekend like this is so needed the closer you get to your big day.

As a bride, don’t be afraid to tell your girls what you envision for your Bachelorette, but walk the fine line between giving your opinion and planning the whole thing. For me, it was easy to let go of planning because I knew they know me better than anyone and would make it exactly what I wanted. It exceeded my expectations and was the best weekend with my girls before becoming a Mrs.! If you have questions or want additional links, message me on Instagram @slivewell and I’d love to help!


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