Out of Office

Here we go! I have been waiting over a year to get this post live. It is finally time to set my out of office for Livewell’s Latest (and then evaluate if we’ll stay Livewell’s Latest or get a new identity upon my return). That’s right… because I am only a Livewell for a few more days!! It’s been a while since I updated you all on the wedding planning process and quite honestly, that’s because I’ve been busy living it. It has been an actual BLAST planning my wedding, but anyone is lying if they say it’s not stressful…

No matter how prepared you are. No matter how many spreadsheets, lists or binders you have; there is always something to remember, make, book or send out. It truly is a job and on top of many other jobs (while I don’t like to talk about you guys as one; this counts, too) it was adding up. So, I took a break from writing to you and I’m sorry, but I’m back (for a minute anyway) and during my break, I didn’t stop blogging. I have so many posts coming your way in the next couple of months sharing some amazing wedding planing hacks, great discount codes and maybe even a giveaway or two!! Hopefully that will all get you excited enough to stick with me until I’m back.

That being said, I want to share that no matter where you are in your wedding planning process, there are highs and lows. Remember when that was a thing in elementary school: “okay, let’s all share our roses and thorns”; the the things that have been so beautiful to us, and the others that haven’t been that great. I want to stress that you can’t have a rose without the thorns, so I really do try and take that perspective when things happen (sometimes it’s hard) and I hope you will do the same.

It is definitely true that when you’re planning your wedding it feels like the world starts operating at ultra-speed. Bills get more expensive, months fly by faster so due dates do too; it can really feel like you are being punched in the face (that’s as honest as I can get). BUT at the same time, you’ve got your highs (like the fact that you’re getting married!!!) and you’ve got people who love you enough to hear you complain about the lows, people who adapt to life’s ultra-speed with you, Fall weather, pizza… and you feel really, really lucky.

I hope that no matter where you are in your wedding planning journey, or even in your first couple years of marriage, you can find minutes or seconds of every day to take a beat and focus on what you do have. I’m about to take an extra long hiatus to do just that and I’ll see you when I’m a Mrs.!


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