American Jewelry Review | Part II

You might remember a few months back when I first bragged on American Jewelry in my “Something Old, Something New” blog post. I teased you all by talking through our wedding band process with them, but had been waiting for the big reveal; I shared shots of the ring my Grandmom gave me that we used to do the band creation, but didn’t reveal the final band or what Kyle’s looked like. Nows your chance to finally see!


I’ve said this before, but I cannot brag enough on the amazing family at American Jewelry! Spear-headed by husband and wife, who totally get the struggles of wedding planning and all of the stress that can come with it, you truly feel like you are a part of the family from the minute you walk in the store. I had very specific ideas for my band and I knew I wanted it to closely match the band of my engagement ring (I am a sucker for intricate detail).

Any ring that remotely came close to what I was wanting was so far out of our budget that it seemed unlikely we’d ever find one worth getting. I talk about this a bit in my other article on them, but we went home discouraged and my eyes met the silver ring my Grandmom got me one Christmas that I hadn’t worn since I got engaged because I’m also a sucker for matching and my engagement ring is rose gold.

American Jewelry can be reached so many ways (text, email, Instagram DMs, etc) so communication was super easy. I remember texting Taylor and I heard back from her right away about options on revamping the ring I already had and how much money it could save us. She and Sailor walked through every step of the process with us, all while be sensitive to the fact that the ring I was having re-made into my wedding band had so much meaning and sentimental value to it for me.



I remember when I finally picked up my wedding band from them. It was beautiful. It was everything I could have dreamed of. I left the store with it and cried the entire way home (happy tears) because I couldn’t believe this gift from my Grandmom who is no longer with us would be such a big part of the most special day for Kyle and I and I’d be able to wear it forever.

Now… WE ARE OFFICIALLY HUSBAND & WIFE. Like what?! I can’t even believe I’m saying that out loud. We’re MARRIED! I look down and have the most beautiful band on my finger that means more to me than anything and symbolizes not only the love that Kyle and I committed to each other on that day, but also the love of my Grandmom who always had my back and protected me; that’s Kyle’s job now and I know she is watching over us always.


American Jewelry, thank you for being so amazing. Thank you for working with us day in and day out. For being not only vendors and partners, but friends. You all are the best and made this part of our wedding planning experience one for the books. We will be forever grateful!

As our gift to you, you can use code TAKE15 online, over the phone, or in store for 15% off of any in-stock items! It’s wedding season and Christmas is already knocking on our door, so get moving!

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