Well Worth It

If you’re reading this, then you know I rebranded my site and it is no longer Livewell’s Latest. That name served me well for seven years, but I thought during my hours upon hours of changing my name in the social security office, it was probably time for my blog to do the same. Still honoring my maiden name, but incorporating my new last name, Well Worth It has a fresh look and the new content coming to match it. With the launch of this new site comes a category of posts called “Nobody Asked

We’ve all been there. You follow an influencer on Instagram and one day on their story they’re saying “you all have been asking…” when we all know very well that NOBODY ASKED. This is my Deadpool take on that. Knowing I’m in a world where people don’t ask and people share their opinions anyway.

You can note at the top of this post that it’s categorized under this new section of my site. If you click the three bars in the top right corner of the page and scroll down you’ll see all of my categories listed out. They are reorganized a bit from the past and really showcase all of the different posts I’ve done leading up to this point (I am almost at 400 blog posts on this site!)

Just because I am in my feels more about changing the name of my blog than changing my own last name, click below to read through the full archive of Livewell’s Latest from The Charger Bulletin website in New Haven, CT (my baby blog started out as a newspaper column and it was the best thing I had ever done when I launched it).

Livewell's Latestread-more-button

Some posts coming soon include a detail recap of our wedding day, a review of our amazing photography and videography team (Becca & Kidron Cannon) and a honeymooners guide to Ireland! For now, here’s some sneak peak shots at us becoming Mr. & Mrs. Woodworth. I promise, the wait will be well worth it… 


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