Stay Serene in Quarantine

Today marks 6 years of my blog! I feel like I just started it yesterday and have been doing it for over a decade all at once. Either way, there’s no better time for a new post! I’ve been away for a bit because honestly, life got really crazy. Between tornados in Nashville and a global pandemic, I didn’t really have the urge to sit down and write anything, let alone a thoughtful blog post.

That being said, I’m really trying to focus more on the positive right now and my blog is one of those things that truly brings me joy. I ran a poll on my Instagram Story yesterday asking people if they’d want to see a post with some ideas of things to do while social distancing. I can honestly say I haven’t been bored ONCE, so hopefully this list lights a spark in you (I’ll include pictures or links to fun content where I can)!

  1. Spring Cleaning: clean out your closets, drawers, under your sinks, your fridge, etc. We did this all in one day and then took the good things we didn’t need anymore to a drive-through drop-off site for Nashville tornado victims (Good Will works, too!) – we made this fun Tik Tok that was super satisfying to see at the end of all the hard work – a side project can also be organizing your jewelry and ironing dressier clothes in your closet to get them ready for the spring (I did both!) 90310219_10163218435460176_1894422718925766656_n
  2. Self Care: do your nails, put on a face mask, deep-condition your hair, the list goes on… if you don’t have a lot of beauty products, look up ways to make natural ones with household ingredients! I love doing lip scrubs with honey & cane sugar.
  3. Workout: I have done multiple things each day to get my positive endorphins going. Yoga with Adrienne and Bowflex are my favorite YouTube channels to follow, but even walking around the neighborhood and breathing in the fresh air is great for the soul… 91823203_10163306953120176_7600999925211463680_n
  4. Tik Tok: love to hate it, hate to love it. It’s honestly a great app to take your mind off of the worries and anxiety that regular social media present each day.
  5. Budget Planning: create a budget and set goals for once quarantine is over for what you want to work towards as far as saving (it’s a great time to plan ahead).
  6. Letter Board: if you don’t have one, you can get them for super cheap on and they’re a great way to pass the time, have fun & add some character to your home
  7. Ticket Box Craft: my husband bought me a ticket box for my birthday, but you could make your own with a shoe box and some plastic wrap. You basically just want a window in the box where your ticket stubs can show through. I’ve kept things like the stub to the movie we went to on our first date and it’s a great way to display those memories
  8. Greeting Card Project: if you’re like me, you like to keep greeting cards from your birthdays or special events because of the sentiment behind them. I had a bag of them from our wedding with nothing to do, when I thought about cutting out the signatures and covering our wedding photo album box with them. I LOVE how it turned out! 90426151_10163219632730176_5470974576240361472_n
  9. Binge Shows: do other things first of course, but when you need to do nothing and un-plug, this is a great way to de-compress. Some favs on Netflix at the moment:
    • New Girl
    • Love Is Blind
    • Haunting of Hill House
    • Workin’ Moms
    • Back with the Ex
    • Cold Case Files

10. Learn something new on YouTube: I followed a YouTube tutorial for a dewy face of makeup and took some pics for literally no reason, but now I know how to do something new and definitely would have never had time to learn it before all of this quarantine time! 91761341_10163291219265176_590674761885941760_n

11. Challenge yourself with new recipes: I was craving brownies so bad one night, but didn’t want to undo my workout from that day, so I made my own using Kodiak Dark Chocolate Chip Pancake mix & they were SO GOOD. Pretend your on Chopped and have some fun in the kitchen! Plus, you get to eat the end result –


12. Last but definitely not least, FACETIME WITH LOVED ONES! I have done so much of this and it truly is good for the soul. My favorite thing we did was a Sunday afternoon trivia game with family back home. We used Zoom and it worked great – it’s free to download, too!


Hopefully these ideas get your creative juices flowing. Use this time to do the things you said months ago you never have time for. If you can draw, draw! If you like to write, do it up! Let’s all leave this quarantine better than it found us.

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