Published Author and Illustrator?!

So I guess I’m a published author now? 🤷🏼‍♀️🙃 I’ve waited for this day for years. Coming out on the other side of my eating disorder in high school, paired with volunteering for kids with PTSD from their home lives, I started to see that positive body image is rarely talked about until it’s too late.

“Paper Dolls Don’t Have Hearts” is a book meant to re-define the ways in which young girls are taught to compare themselves against one another. It focuses on helping developing females to learn what makes them special and hone in on those things going into the formative years of middle and high school. In the form of a poem, this book promotes body positivity to an age that would rarely hear about it otherwise.

Copy of FINAL Paper Dolls Don't Have Hearts_Woodworth, Shannon

Everything about this book from the cover design, to the illustrations, has been done by yours truly & let me tell you… I was NOT a drawer before this. I’ve always had the mentality that everything can be done with hard work, so I buckled down, watched some tutorials, and BAM “Paper Dolls Don’t Have Hearts” was born. I am so proud! It’s available now on Amazon for $9.99 or for free through #KindleUnlimited! CLICK HERE to order your copy today & please let me know what you think ❤️

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