MDW with Solo Stove

What’s Memorial Day Weekend without red, white, blue (and a nice bonfire)? It was brush burning day at our house which meant whipping out our Solo Stove for the perfect, smoke-free, bonfire afternoon!

Solo Stove has proprietary airflow that makes it easy to light, smokeless, & it has an extremely steady burn.

The best thing about Solo Stove though, just might be it’s portability. It’s so easy to pack up, put in it’s carrying case, & bring anywhere! Camping has NEVER been more fun or effortless than with one of these in toe.

Whenever Kyle is burning a lot of brush, my new (mama-to-be) way of helping is assembling a s’mores break. I have never loved s’mores more in my life than with Solo Stove because nothing tastes smokey!

You can get your very own Solo Stove right now for $20 off using my code: SHANNON20 at

Happy Summer ☀️

2 thoughts on “MDW with Solo Stove

  1. The Solo Stove looks great no fuss no mess so easy , those
    Smores look even better , Have a wonderful Memorial Day Mama-to-Be, enjoy the festivities & the Smores!

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