A Home in Unison Thanks to Home Harmony Organizing

Let me tell you about the day I realized I wasn’t as Type A as I thought…

I have always had pride in just how organized I try to live. I have color-coded everything, labels on my coffee bar, a place for everything and everything in it’s place; or so I thought.

This past week, I collaborated with Home Harmony Organizing for a feature on here and a super fun giveaway on my Instagram as a part of my brand new “nesting” series, while we prepare for the arrival of our baby girl this Fall. When owner, Shae Alexander arrived at our house to start working on our pantry and linen closet for day one of the collab, I was confident she’d be able to make some changes that would make it easier to find things, but I had no clue the sort of transformation that was coming our way.

She started with the pantry. Our pantry was already sectioned off in different categories (but to the outside eye, you’d never know);

  • Canned Goods
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Sweets
  • Breakfast Foods
  • Baking Essentials
  • etc.

My biggest problem was not knowing how to organize best for our lifestyle. I knew I couldn’t be one of those clear container ladies (more power to them), who empty every cereal box into new containers after grocery shopping and basically color-code their space. I also knew that I didn’t know where to start when it came to getting organization items that would work for our space. That’s where Home Harmony came in!

Before even coming to our space, Shae had me send her pictures and dimensions of each area her and her team would be focusing on. She then sent me a list of product recommendations per space and we went back and forth chatting through colors, practicality, sizing, and some things I may have already had in other spaces of my house that could work for the same purpose. We ordered the items per space and had them all waiting in our garage for her and her team to utilize.

When she started on the pantry, she first started by emptying & sorting the space, cleaning it once it was empty, and then figuring out how she was going to arrange the products in there. Once everything was loaded back in, she took the time to label each section and make it SO easy for my husband and I to still know where things were. Because we are doing all of this organization and re-working of the space to get ready for our little one, it was really exciting that Shae even thought to make spaces for baby in the pantry and linen closet, so we can start organizing baby girl’s items before she arrives. The finished pantry truly took my breath away –

Just in case you needed to see the two side-by-side, here’s the full before and after of the first space:

Directly after the pantry, Shae moved onto the linen closet in our hallway. This was a space I knew we could utilize better, especially because I constantly get beauty items from new brands to feature on Instagram and the overstock always ends up in the same big gray box in the linen closet. This space took Shae the least amount of time and we were truly amazed how much more functional she made it! My favorite part is probably the back of the door organizer that I never would have thought of. Having ample amounts of more shelf space from that allowed her to really section off our medicines, health and wellness products, etc. without needing to use the big shelf space that we save for towels and linens.

Day two was all about the master closet (possibly the biggest undertaking short of building Rome) and Shae brought back-up this time; her teammate Megan came along with her and the two wasted no time getting to work. What was supposed to be a 9-2 situation worked out being a 9-5 job, but they were troopers and stopped at nothing to make sure they were leaving us with a space that was perfect and something they could be proud of.

When we moved into our home, the master closet only had two rods to hang things on. The first wall when you walked in was a hundred individual shoe cubbies (think… bowling alley). My husband and brother-in-law removed those cubbies, extended the shelving, and made a ton of extra hanging space for us, but with certain clothes being so long (like flannels or dresses), it was hard for me to know how we could utilize the shelf space under each row of hanging items and still see what was under them! Shae and her team had so many tips and tricks for utilizing the space including hanging dresses in half so they don’t hang down, the best way to fold t-shirts to get lots of them in a small space, how to organize based on what you wear the most, etc.

In the middle of the master closet makeover, the ladies realized one of the products we initially got wouldn’t work, so they took a trip to Target to get something different EVEN THOUGH they were already going over on the time we a lotted and that above-and-beyond attitude just literally doesn’t happen anymore. We were so grateful! The before and after of this space needs more than a side by side, so let’s start with the before…

Pure chaos! To me, it was organized (LOL) because I had t-shirts together, dress shirts, together, bodysuits together, etc. My “jean tower” & “hoodie tower” in the third picture, were the best possible way I could think to utilize that space that was SO tall. I just didn’t know how or where to start with having that divided in any better way. Thank goodness H.H.O. knew it all! The afters are sure to blow your mind…

I’ll wait while you collect your jaw from the floor…

But seriously! Can you believe the transformation? Especially being almost 6 months pregnant, it was so hard for me to get dressed in the morning before. All of my shoes were on the ground under the hanging clothes instead of the shelves and organizer that Shae and Megan set-up, so I would have to ask Kyle to grab everything for me. I couldn’t go through any of my t-shirts either and now they’re all on display in those white cubbies like a beautiful day at American Eagle ha! I am truly in LOVE.

I cannot brag enough on Home Harmony Organizing, their process, professionalism, and overall perfectionism. It was incredible to watch them transform our spaces and even more amazing to be able to utilize them so effortlessly since they’ve left. I can’t remember the last time I opened my pantry & could see every canned good I have at once, opened my linen closet and knew exactly where all of our overstock toiletries were, opened my closet and didn’t trip over hidden shoes on the ground while trying to fight through the long hanging dresses for my daily outfit.

If you’re in Nashville, you can of course scheduled your consultation right away for them to transform literally any space in your house! From closet to drawers and anything in between; even unpacking when you move! If you’re in another state, you can still utilize Shae and her team for what I think is the HARDEST part without them, which is an organizing consultation that will give you what products to order and how to set up the space on your own. A full list of their services can be found here.

It’s time to bring harmony to your home one de-cluttered space at a time!

One thought on “A Home in Unison Thanks to Home Harmony Organizing

  1. Well Worth It !!! Sounds like a clutter free, well organized system, it must feel wonderful waking up everyday knowing just where everything is, it makes life that much easier!

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