Tony Lucca: ‘Canyon Songs’ Live for 10 Year Album Anniversary

You may remember Tony Lucca from our Across the Table a few months back. Last night, I was able to see him in a whole new light and in what was clearly his element, center stage at 3rd and Lindsley. Sponsored by Arcivr, the show revolved around the ten year anniversary of Tony’s 2006 album, Canyon Songs and was re-recorded last night for a live album version.

The vibe was that of a New York City coffee house when we entered the venue. With intimate lighting and groups at tables scattered throughout the space, there was a wide range of age groups and thus, fanbase, that came out to show support. 3rd and Lindsley is one of my favorite spaces in Nashville because it fits a lot of people comfortably and you can generally have a “good view” of the stage from any vantage point.

We got there just as Tony stepped to the mic and began singing “Death of Me,” the first song on the album. You could easily see people singing every word if you looked around during the performance and it was clear by the third song, this album was the soundtrack for a lot of people’s lives in 2006 and still holds that same meaning for them today.

Midway through the set-list Tony began performing “So Long,” which is my favorite track off of Canyon Songs. Everyone in the room seemed captivated by the first chord that possessed a Jazz/RnB vibe unrivaled by other songs on the album.


Performances were given brief intermissions by introductions of special guests such as Jason “Slim” Gambill who plays guitar for Lady Antebellum and David Cook, the 2008 winner of American Idol.


You can download the Arcivr app for your smartphone and use code TONYLUCCA to get access to exclusive photos from last night’s performance, tickets to upcoming shows, links to his social media channels and a whole lot more! Until we’re all blessed with the live version of the album, you can listen to it in it’s entirety right here:

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