Rom Coms Make it All Better

Some people have a beer, smoke a cigarette or eat ice cream out of the carton after a long day. Something to help them unwind, take a breather and feel like life is a little better than an overwhelming to-do list and leaky faucet. Me? I turn on some twinkle lights, light a candle, watch a romantic comedy and for an hour and forty-nine minutes I watch those characters drink beer, smoke, eat ice cream out of a carton until the problems go away and life is good again – maybe even better than before (both in their world and in mine).

There are people that say once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all and to those people I say;


Disclosure: I may be listening to Taylor Swift on Spotify while I write this. Because I can now. And it’s amazing. 

Below is a list of my absolute favorite romantic comedies. They’re probably as cliche as the story lines they hold inside – but I think that’s the best part.

  1. Bridget Jones’ Diary: every. last. one of these movies is pure perfection. You can help but laugh at and adore Bridget all at once. Her life makes you feel a lot better about yours and yet she still manages to cut out with a happy end (don’t act like that’s a spoiler – all of these end that way because they’re good, solid, dependable rom coms)


2. Leap Year: this movie is highly underrated. Who doesn’t love an American girl and an Irish man starting out complete strangers and having to work their way through on horrible event after the next together?


3. Friends with Benefits: first of all – Justin Timberlake is funnier than we all give him credit for. Second of all – even I think Mila Kunis is hot. And who doesn’t love a movie who has a story line based somewhat around Semi Charmed Life’s “Closing Time.” To this day it’s my boyfriend’s ringtone because of this movie.


4. No Strings Attached: another movie where being friends just doesn’t work and we’re all rooting for it not too. Also, I’m pretty sure every girl in America wanted their guy friend to make them a “period mix” after this movie came out. I mean, really, if a guy puts “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis on any mixtape he makes for you, aren’t you a little hooked?


5. The Breakup: there’s a lot of reasons I like this movie. Most of them start with me being a sucker for Vince Vaughn. Unlike most romantic comedies, you spend the entirety of this movie watching the two main characters split apart instead of come together. It’s real, but still light, and you find yourself laughing and crying within the same hour.


6. The Holiday: who doesn’t love a good rom com that can also double as a Christmas movie? We’ve all been there. Feeling like we just want to get away and live someone else’s life for just a couple of days. These two ladies actually do it. And also, we’ve been there Cameron;


7. Hitch: a literal classic. Everyone likes to see the bad boy player be the one to fall in love, oh an also watch Kevin James get his groove on.


8. 27 Dresses: the perpetual bridesmaid. Especially a good film choice for the mid-twenty year old who’s been in enough weddings to make some serious dough off of her dress collection. It’s nice to see Katherine Heigl come out on the other side of things.


9. The Proposal: this movie has the A+ plus cast for a romantic comedy. You couldn’t ask for more than Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds and Betty White. Just watch it. Watch it right now. And if you have already, watch it again.


10.  Valentine’s Day: one of those movies that has everyone you’ve ever loved in one place and crashes through the box office like a wrecking ball the weekend it’s released. The acting’s not amazing, the story tree has a lot of branches to follow, but man does it make me so damn happy every time.


The next time you have a weekend to yourself, get a Lush face mask, a bottle of wine, a bag of cupcake goldfish (thank me later) and start from number one to work your way down. I guarantee you’ll have a smile on your face by #3 and crave pizza and chocolate by #10. I’m not responsible for the overwhelming happiness or calories (not) burned during the binging of these rom coms.

What’s your favorite rom com ever made? 

3 thoughts on “Rom Coms Make it All Better

  1. Definitely love Prince & Me, What’s Your Number (Chris Evans WOOT WOOT!), If I Stay (sobs for dayyssss), How to lose a guy in 10 Days…etc…ALL ROM COMS

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