Casetify Card Holder for the W I N

We’ve all been there. Especially in the Summer months. You’re about to go out for the day wearing your favorite romper, really feelin’ yourself and suddenly you realize your purse ruins the whole thing. It’s clunky. It’s heavy. It’s rubbing on your sunburn. No matter the reason, you just want to travel lightly in the warm months and your Mary Poppins bag is trying to cramp your style. giphy.gif


That’s where Casetify comes in with their new line of Premium Leather Pockets for the back of your phone. These little sleeves are designed to conveniently stick to the back of your phone so you can effortlessly carry your most important card and ID and in two separate, secure pockets on the one thing you never leave home without.

The coolest part about these sleeves is that they’re great on their own and even better when you coordinate them with the case currently on your phone. I received two different kinds to try out.

The P A L M 2 which is perfect for Summer and the R E D R O S E S (transparent) . There are a couple of things that I love about these. 1). How adorable they are 2). how tight and secure the pockets feel once you insert cards into them 3). How easy they are to apply and remove.


They’re super affordable for premium quality leather – retailed at $25 a piece and you can personalize the pockets even beyond the pattern you choose, by choosing a color for the inside flap. Most of the time I’ma pretty vanilla girl so I went with white for both.

Shopping Casetify is easy and fun and literally always feels like the most in depth personality test because there truly is something for everyone’s every mood. They always have sales going on and your order comes looking like a Christmas present that you treated you to (is there really anything better?)

You can order yours now, or at least send the one you want to your favorite human as a hint for the next holiday HERE. Leave questions in the comments below OR let me know which one you’ll be ordering!


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