Datebox Review: Tango for Two

It takes two to tango… and make ice cream.

I just want to start out by saying that we’ve been holding onto this Datebox for a couple of weeks now. Datebox is a subscription service that literally strives to make dating easy. They deliver hand-curated dates to your door monthly with a variety of different packages to choose from;

Flirting: Month-by-Month ($34.95)

Steady: Every 3 Months ($31.45)

Serious: Every 6 Months ($27.96)

I’ll be honest; I did not know what to expect when our Datebox arrived, but I did know it was time for a relaxing date night in.

Summer seems to be the busiest time of year for us. Between work, weddings and trying to spend equal amounts of time with both of our families, it seems like we blink and it’s time to start carving pumpkins.

Kyle and I also took a pretty big step in conventional terms very recently. We are finally living together! We’ve been together close to five years now, so the days of overnight bags and multiple tooth brushes were beginning to really blur.

It’s only been about two weeks since we’ve settled into our new home, but between unpacking, decorating, bills, groceries (forcing myself to stop before I start writing my to-do list on the fresh post-it next to this computer), this was really the first night we dedicated to having fun, relaxing and setting aside all of our responsibilities until the next morning.

Datebox should feel very honored.

When we opened our Datebox we were happy to see the “welcome booklet” had step-by-step instructions, as well as a curated Spotify playlist for our night (we both make our own playlists weekly, so we can be curation snobs, but not a single track on our “Two to Tango” mix disappointed).

While the music was playing we started on the ice cream! The only things we needed to buy, which took a quick stop on my way home from work, were heavy cream and ice (you just need regular ice so if you’ve got an ice maker at home, you’re already one step ahead).


I know. I know. We had the same thought:

This stuff is actually going to turn into ice cream? 


Just wait.

While our heavy cream soup sat in the freezer for a bit. We started our dance lesson DVD and let me tell you… we’ve always described ourselves as two people with a whole lot of rhythm. But the waltz? Well that needs a little less rhythm and whole lot more counting and ya girl just isn’t good at doing math while trying to move her feet. Kyle on the other hand was whipping me around the living room floor like he owned this DVD for years. Either way, we decided we’ll now tell people we know how to Waltz, Tango and Cha Cha. They say if you dedicate 15 minutes to something, you’re an expert right?


BREAK TIME (noun): a time to heat up leftover lasagna and drink Cabernet while waiting for ice cream to harden in the freezer.


Post-lasagna, it was time to check on the ice cream and after just an hour in the freezer, we were shocked to see what it turned into! **Note: the waffle cone bowls were not a part of this Datebox, but if you ever decide to make your own ice cream at home and don’t get waffle cone bowls, did it ever really happen in the first place? 

So. Many. Sundae. Toppings.



You’re impressed aren’t you?

We were too! Not only did our (what seemed like a science experiment) ice cream look like, well, ice cream, but it also tasted amazing. While we ate, and took a ton of pictures of each other, we played I Bet I Know You Better, a game where you challenge your significant other to see who knows who better by betting game tokens on the answers you feel strongest you’ll get right.

We had so much fun playing this game and I honestly think it was my favorite part of the entire Datebox. It really reinforced just how well we know each other and brought up so many amazing memories from the past few years. Datebox really knows how to give a girl all the feels, but off-set it with ice cream and sprinkles. My favorite card of the night?

What was the worst part of your first date? 

Kyle had to write what he thought and I had to guess what it was. I put two chips on this one. I felt confident about it.

I knew it had to be the fact that I only got to spend about 60% of our first date with Kyle because of an 80 year-old man that would not leave me alone. At first it was sweet and I danced to a song or two with him. But that turned to a few songs and 10 songs later he was chasing me down when I tried to go back to our table. 

I was wrong though… so what did Kyle think was the worst part of our first date?

The end. 

And he still gave me the two tokens.


But who knows who better?

Of course we tied.

All in all, I give Datebox a real 10 out of 10. You can tell they take what they do seriously and every single part of our date felt so carefully planned and executed. There wasn’t one thing I thought could’ve gone better and I really think that’s due to who you share your Datebox experience with.

With a lot of things changing and a whole lot more adulting, it’s great to know we’re still just as easy going and goofy as we were when we drove around our college town in Connecticut looking at Christmas lights and singing along to old school rap/RnB collabs. Datebox helped us take a night for ourselves and really achieved that first date feeling right in our own home; complete with butterflies, big glasses, basketball shorts and all.

On a scale of 1 to Well Worth It... What did you think?

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