Lucy Celebrates (& So Do We)


It’s that time of year again where we set goals and speak manifestations out into the universe, enjoying the fact that we have a clean slate. I really dislike when people stomp their feet all over new years resolutions… who’s to say i haven’t been completing last year’s goals & now it’s time to set some new ones? 💁🏼‍♀️ If you’re a Type A like me, then you know what it’s like to constantly focus on the next thing; the next hustle, adventure, career goal, etc.. That can truly be a great thing, but what I’ve found in the past is that sometimes I’m living appointment to appointment in my planner when I look up and realize it’s March and I haven’t even touched my personal goals (things like doing more yoga, hanging out with one friend each week, spending more time with Kyle – the enriching things that help the productive side of life feel that much sweeter).

All of that said, I am so excited to partner with Lucy Celebrates at the top of 2020 to feature her Intentional Planner (PLUS give one away!) and share with you how it’s really changed the way I look at the New Year from a goals and wellness perspective. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my full unboxing of this beauty just after Christmas on my stories. The packaging was a YouTuber’s dream and I honestly couldn’t get over the thought and detail that went into every last page of this organizer.


The past few years, I have been all about “the smaller, the better” when it comes to planners, so the size of this one intimidated me a bit at first. After using it the past few weeks, I feel like the size only aids in productivity. It’s large enough for me to write down EVERYTHING without trying to make my handwriting a size 4 font type, but large enough where I don’t have it in my purse at all times so I’m actually forced to live in the moment on the weekends. This beauty even has pockets for the other things life throws at you (so far they have been used for paper work to change my last name, gift cards to stores I need to go to on my lunch break, thank yous to send out for wedding gifts we received late… the possibilities are endless). Pictured above, you can see that Lucy sent the planner with a pencil pouch and stretch bookmark too (literally the cutest set). The pencil pouch is perfect for sticky notes, pens, pencils, literally everything that always falls to the bottom of your over-sized purse and I got a little unconventional with my stretchy bookmark (there’s tons of ideas for what you can use it for on the back of the packaging) and used it to hold my yoga mat going from my car to class & back again!

Now onto the planner itself… Lucy supplied me with three months of the daily spread and while weekly is typically my go-to, I’m going to fill you in on a little secret… taking even two minutes each day to reflect on my life in that very moment is the most refreshing things I’ve ever done & I’m always very productive come January, but I really feel like it’s on a next level all thanks to this planner and the way it’s set up.

Each month starts with a full month calendar (I always use the lines on the side to plan out blog posts for each month) plus a goals section where you get to realistically set timelines for the goals you want to accomplish that month. I have NEVER seen a planner with this kind of thoughtful space and design before and it really makes such a positive impact.


The daily layout has the full day mapped out for you. I use this to track my appointments and meetings throughout the week. Intentions are more free-flowing, I like to put even little notes for myself to look at when I’m searching for my next task like “just breathe.” To-Do’s are great for the things you want to actively check off each day and for health, I actually write down the things I’m proud of doing each day like “no sugar in coffee” – check!

On the right side you’ll see a section to free-write each day. This intimidated me at first, but now I’m not sure how I went so long without it. Journal: I usually say things that happened that day… not judging if they’re good or bad, but simply letting something flow through my mind and onto the page. Pray: I see if the journal section had any kind of emotion or feeling I don’t usually want to convey, then I usually pray for guidance on how to navigate that. Celebrate: I try to pick the one thing that makes me happiest that day (or if it’s a really bad day, one person that makes it all better). It is so helpful with perspective and gratitude!

At the start of my planner, I decided to add two sections for the New Year… one focusing on the biggest highlight from 2019 to remind me of the amazing things that can come from just 365 days and another to manifest my 2020 goals and bring them to life. I look at these pages daily and they are so motivating. I HIGHLY suggest doing something like this at the start of your planner to re-center and re-focus you as the year picks up speed.



I can’t say enough amazing things about Lucy herself (who is so inspiring) or this planner brand. It is by far the best one I’ve ever used and I’ve already ordered more months, as I know this will continue to be my staple planner for years to come. AND IT COULD BE YOURS!!!!

Lucy & I are giving away one of these amazing planners over on our Instagrams! All you have to do is:

  1. Wait for the post
  2. Like it when you see it
  3. Tag three people you’re grateful for going into 2020
  4. Follow @ShannWoodworth & @LucyCelebrates on Instagram

Let’s all have #2020Vision going into this year, friends.

Happy planning!

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